Hello and welcome to ~ carolclare.squarespace.com. I have purposed in my heart, that this site will always point you to the Lord and His Word.

I would love for this to become a habit or routine for you, like sitting with an old familiar friend for awhile. All the pages will contain photos taken from in... and around...our home. By spending time here, visiting my Instagram page, reading the blog, and perhaps visiting some other Christian sites that I will point you to... it will almost be like we are visiting together in my favorite spot on earth~ my home.

 I must mention, that before I even started this site, and even designed it, that I prayed for you... and all the others that will visit. My prayer then, and still is- that...you will be abundantly re-freshed and more hopeful than you were, before you set down.

So, take a minute or two ~ browse all the pages. Get familiar with my 2nd home. All my home photos and what the Lord *impresses* upon my pilgrim heart 💛 is traced throughout, and evident upon, each page... and... each post... and each writing that I have done.

~ Finally~... may you be *be fully persuaded* in knowing that..."your blessings do, indeed, come upon you AND overtake you this day..." Deuteronomy 28 vs 2.

So, Welcome dear pilgrim, and I hope you tarry while you're here and come back soon and often...