💛 Psalm 34 vs  17..."When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and delivers them out of ALL their distresses and troubles.."⚓🍃

Wouldnt it be great to be established in our heart and firmly believe this promise of our Lord?  I mean, I love knowing without a doubt that I'm saved now, and as soon as I'm absent from my body, that i, carolclare will indeed be. ..immediately present with my Lord. And I am upright in heart regarding this because It is His very Word to me, starting in John 3:16. I don't go about any of my days wringing my hands about this detail. It is settled to me because my Father has declared it so and I believe it from the innermost part of my being. 🍃

And yet, I still stumble and sometimes... alot of times lately...I gasp and fret when a new goliath appears on my path or almost shrink back when I am met with an old goliath, that I thought would have been dealt with by now. You see, like ya'll,  my day starts early, like any good, prepared for battle, soldier should want to do. I seek out my playbook and sit with my c☕ffee, and my playbook,  and my Lord and set about to renew my mind, declare His promises once more over me and mine...and re-establish my heart making it *upright* for my day. Upright biblically equals....coming into more and more working knowledge of His Word and my Kingdom language so as to speak throughout my day to my High priest King Jesus,  most effectively, by speaking the Kingdom language that He is given authority to act upon. I align my thoughts with His thought... by consistent ingesting of the Word. This way a soldier has a King Jesus worldview and not an earthly secular worldview. 🍃

Since the beginning of April, our family has incurred two traumatic events. The first one was the rather quicker than anticipated Home going of my father in love. And while many of us are still reeling from this, even though we are greatly comforted knowing that Pop is with Jesus, our flesh still misses him dearly. And then almost on the heels of that, one of my brother in laws was in a horrible motorcycle accident, while on his way back home with his church group,  who had been evangelizing for His Kingdom. His wife and family are so strong and thoroughly depending on the Lord...and as His wife constantly texts in her updates...*all eyes on You, LORD* 🍃

So it is with these goliaths and the little every day troubles, that I seem to be a little more tender right now. And just this past week or so, I even had the gumption to do more than I have been doing. Yes  I've still posted every day and worked and taught, but the rest of the time, I have rushed home to be in my quiet home, before my husband  arrives and crawl up in my Daddy's lap...to sit quietly, have some little meltdowns, let Him comb my hairs back down, read His Word desperately like when I was first saved, digging for new manna and old manna I had forgotten...not for any one else but for me, carolclare. I needed and still do... some love and reassuring that He is still on the Throne and His promises can still be salve to my soul and His Word can still be razor sharp swords for carolclare to wield as weapons in her life and as declarations to wield for my brother in law and his wife and their journey right now. Facts are facts but His Word is the Highest Truth in my life and they should be as well, to any other believer🍃

So I am just about ready to scoot out of His lap, from this extended time I have had with Him. And He has fueled my fire with His Word. I am ready to go, sword in hand, all my armour on, and take back some land that the devil is temporarily trying to keep from my brother in law!! And I also want to keep pressing on and declaring over me and mine , that the Joy of the Lord is our strength...and later on we will see Pop again. But for now, there is alot still left to do for His Kingdom. And to tell you the truth, I'm finally fueled up again for my daily assignments. And to do this, ALL of these things, it would be best if I was fully persuaded in more of His Truth. 🍃

Psalm 34 vs 17 declares that when His righteous,  His saved children cry out to Him for help...He does hear us!! Period...done...He hears us. Next...He tells us He delivers us....those children that cry out....so newsflash, here's the biblical way to pray this out. All of His promises and declarations  are for His children so 1) get saved...make sure you are born again ... and 2)cry out! And then He promises to deliver us, His little royals... out of ALL ...not some...not the easy ones,...not the quick ones but out of ALL of them. And what are *them*? *Them* are distresses (big or small) and troubles (big or small). We are not to ponder how He will do it...nor when He will do it. Our part is to take this Truth and believe It, plant It in the soil of your heart AND keep It there...don't dig It up with words of doubt, despair, and unbelief. 🌱

Starting now, renew your mind to this verse, rehearse to grow your knowledge of It and then when a new goliath or old goliath crosses your path, don't fret, don't stumble,  don't give up! For we , royal soldier are called to walk by faith (in His Word ) and NOT by sight (what we see or what we still see). Fuel your faith with this Word of His and expect Him to deliver you!! 🍃