💛 This is good Friday of the Holy week. The walk to the cross is almost done. Our church likes to call Easter...Resurrection Sunday!


Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Period. And that is enough to be thankful for right there. Praise His Name!! But let's go a little bit further...let's stretch our faith even more and grow in our knowledge of Him and His Word.  Let's pick at the little sore spot on you, that keeps festering up, sticks around even. 🌱

Once we are saved, born again into His Kingdom and made Jesus your Savior and hopefully your Lord...what's next? Let's go back a couple of words...*Lord*...hmmm...*Lord*...Jesus wants to be my Lord in addition to being my Savior. ..hmmm. ðŸŒ±

Renewal of your mind and heart is the only way to accomplish this. And it comes at a cost...that's the tricky part. But 0 the power, grace, peace, joy, and His wisdom ...that are the priceless gifts you obtain, here on earth if you choose to execute this process of renewing your mind. Romans 12 vs 2.."Do NOT be conformed to this world 🌎 , but be transformed by {how?}...the renewal of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God is , even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect in His sight for you..."🌱

So for this Holy week and what Easter Son-day  has afforded to us all, and is ours , if we accept Him as our Savior and Lord. ...here is a Truth straight from our soldier manual,  for you to take , renew your mind to, believe,  and now walk accordingly. 🌱 

Ephesians 2 vs 6..."and He raised us (saved royal children ) up together with Him and made us to sit down together  (giving us joint seating with Him) in the heavenly  sphere (by virtue of our being) in Christ Jesus  ( the Messiah,  the Anointed One )... vs 10..for we are God's own handiwork,  recreated in Christ Jesus,  that we may do those good works which God predestined for us, that we should walk in them (the good works) ...vs 19b..you now share citizenship with the saints (God's own people,  consecrated and set apart for Himself); and you belong to God's own household.."🌱 

2 Corinthians 5 vs 17..."Therefore (pay attention, what's this next bit of scripture there for?..) ...so therefore if ANY person is (ingrafted) in Christ  (the Messiah ) he IS a NEW creation (a new creature altogether ); the old (your previous moral and spiritual condition) HAS passed away. Behold !! The FRESH and the NEW has come..." 🌱

So dear royal sibling of mine, when thoughts taunt you, old mindsets are still hanging around...it's because we haven't chosen to *kick them out*...we haven't reminded our adversary of *Who we are now, through our adoption into God's family  and His Kingdom. You and me are now, not later , not when we arrive in heaven, but now...new creatures in Christ! All thinges are new!! He paid the bill, He cleared up our charges, He provided the provision. ..here in this week. It came at the Highest cost too, personally I've never myself, given my life for anyone yet. I mean, I love my two children and would take a bullet for each of them, but as of yet, I've not been called to do that. And in particular, i have not personallly known anybody who suffered and gave his life the way Jesus willingly chose to suffer for us.  He was unjustly arrested and tried for no reason at all. Then he was stripped, whipped, beaten so that he was unrecognizable,  and then was told, ordered even, to take up the heavy, unsanded, brutal wooden cross, lay it on His bloodied, torn up back and carry it to the site of his crucifixion.  And once there, lay down on it, don't move, and let horrid evil Roman soldier's drive...wildly hammer huge railroad type nails ..without sedatives of any kind...into his hands and feet. Once that was done, he was slung upwards to slam the cross in its hole in the ground, and he hung from the nails in his body on that cross til he breathed his last...for you and me and  whoever else wanted to choose Life one day. 🌱

So lets not waste all the provision He has afforded to us, His adopted family. Go all in!! This is where the power to your every day walk here on planet earth comes  from-to the degree of your working knowledge  of His Word.  Get in your manual and find out just *who you are now, through Christ " Just like these verses declare , you are NOW seated,  as a joint heir, in Heavenly places with Jesus. You are a NEW creature now, not a made over creature, nor a semi made over new creature.  Nope, you are NEW and get this...old things (bad habits, bad traits, strongholds, punishment due you...all of its power over you, is gone, stripped away by Jesus!! Completely canceled out. The trick here is...when you get born again but refuse to read the *new Heavenly written, Holy Ghost inspired* owner's manual. .. you are lacking the knowledge of who you actually are now, plus the knowledge of Christ's finished work at the cross and His Power available to us through our knowledge and full persuasion in His Word, to  which God responds to our faith in His Word...and He sends us grace and power to help us walk in this newness of Life. Let's say that I said bad words alot before I was born again...the  verses above are telling me that... new carolclare...  royal carolclare... doesn't do this anymore, I mean I'm royal now and I shouldn't walk that  way anymore nor should I desire to do this torrid habit anymore. It is unbecoming to who I am now. But if I don't learn who I am, keep reminding myself of who I am now, then, it looks like some poor little orphan, who was rescued,  adopted,  brought into the palace of the King and shown around. From there I was thrown into a tub of water to clean me up (baptism, word of God too)...my old outer garments were not just thrown out but put into the incenerator to be rid of. I was dressed in new royal garments, and fed til I was satisfied and shown to bed , to rest well as His child.But upon the rising of the sun  the very next day, I push all of this aside, my new heritage,  my new family, my new Father, my new home, my new clothes...and I ran out back in my royal jammies, and frantically search through the putrid cans of trash, wanting to find my dingy, tattered *old carolclare* garments, wanting to put them back on, because that's what I'm *comfortable* with, that's what I'm used to...? That is the image and identity I still have in my newly adopted mind... Ughhhh🙈😔 

Jesus paid a high price to afford you a Victorious life here on earth. Now, don't misunderstand me...life here on planet earth is pretty darn cursed. And it's gets worse every minute. But we are in His Kingdom now. He is our King and His Kingdom is our Source now. Circumstances may come, in fact they will come, especially for those who follow King Jesus outloud and aren't ashamed of it. These are the soldiers that the adversary wants to defeat, he wants to discourage these, he wants to trip them up and keep them in strife. Why..? Because, Heaven knows these are the ones who know the Word and are lighting fires 🔥 in those around them...to find His Word,  take His Word and make it theirs too. The adversary knows the power of the Word,  and he hates It. 

So, soldier. ..listen up, here's some good news. You are a NEW creature *in Christ* ...brand NEW!! I love that !!! And old things have passed away...old yucky sinful unroyal habits, mindsets, strongholds have passed away. But just like any unwanted, uninvited stranger in your home...someone who is not family and certainly doesn't need to be there...you would immediately *put* them out...show them the door...adios amigos!!! When we keep on doing those old ways....we let them have power in our life. But when you and i renew our mind, and just like that unwanted stranger, you stop this nonsense once and for all...you keep the power of said old habits at bay. Just like learning any new habit...say learning to drive..at first it was weird, scary and even felt unnatural to you. But, the more you practiced, and read and memorized the manual for driving ...the more natural it became  to you and the more proficient your driving skills became. 

So, like anything else that you value and prioritize in your life...put value on His Word.  For It is Life to you. Believe Him when He says, you are New...old things have passed away...so walk accordingly and kill off those old ways, let them know they are unwanted and powerless due to Christ!! Don't be like that orphan I mentioned above. Don't get up each day and put back on your old ways for by this you acknowledge them. It's like saying  I'll never change...my family has always done this so I can't help it. Wrong. Put on your royal clothes, sit with Him and His Word early each day. And know you have been set apart for His royal army. You are called-  dear soldier- to walk out His planned assignments for you. And since He has called you, He has appointed you and He has also paved the road...and will provide whatever it is you need to accomplish each and every assignment,  if you'll just accept...and trust Him/Word and obey Him/Word. By doing this....you will be so much stronger, mightier, and more proficient at *soldiering*  if you will just read and believe your Owner's 👑☝ heavenly manual. 

So, Happy Resurrection Day to all!!! May we all renew our minds and hearts even more this Easter. He paid too high a price for us to be saved but still walk as the world does. May the rest of 2016 be spectacular and Power filled for you. And may so many see you walking in such a way, that they want to find out the secret to your soldier walk and desire to have this same walk for themselves. 

Praise His Name !!! 🌱👑☝💛🍃 Through Christ,  may new ways, more Royal ways...come *ALIVE* for you, royal soldier...