💛 Psalm 23 vs 4.."Yes, though I walk THROUGH the (deep, sunless) valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread NO evil , for You are with me; Your rod (to protect) and Your staff (to guide), they comfort me.."

This is a treasured and *close to my side* sword, that I dare not leave home without, as His soldier. It has again, become quite valued to me, as of late. in  my own personal life and in some of my friends and family I am praying for, and I am also using it lift up a dear lady and her family right now...Joey Feek...her husband Rory...their daughters Indiana,  Hopie, and Heidi.

If you really sit and chew up this verse to us, His children (that's a key)...light bulbs go off as His Spirit guides you into His wisdom. To begin with, His promises are for His children. There is a distinct difference between creation and children. All people are His creation, but not all people are His children yet. He has provided Salvation for all, but it is up to each person to have that moment where they truly and individually make Jesus the Lord of their life. John 3 vs 16.." for God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He (even) gave up His only begotten Son , so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, and relies on) Him shall NOT perish but have eternal (Everlasting ) life.." 

Here He is saying that His royal children while  still on earth. ..are walking in a deep, sunless, valley of the shadow of death.There's  a whole lot of hopelessness in that one sentence. 😩😔 Or is there..?? I adored English in school and not just the creative writing part. I loved the simplicity of conquering a sentence by slicing it up into nouns, subject, verb, adverbs, prepositions, and adjectives.  It always helped  me understand the meaning of whatever i was reading if I dissected it first. And in studying my playbook,  the bible, I do the same with It. I look up all the references to any verse I'm reading or chapter I'm reading. And this is no small matter but the reward faaaaaaarrrrr outweighs the cost of my time and effort, because His Word becomes so muchmore real and personal to me His daughter. I glean so much more this way. And in doing so, when life hits me...walks right up to me...square in the face...I have this already in place... a *reserve* of His very promises... of love, victory, and deliverance to draw from. Like when I was talking yesterday with a group of strong royal Kingdom sisters, and praying for so many needs and was reminded to say,,,"one of my favorite stories to read and still study is about my brother Daniel. ..and how some still say...poor Daniel when the King threw him into the den...and because of the repetition of sitting with my Father so many times and hearing this story ...carolclare now says... Poor Lion!!!.." 

  Once we become His children 👑 , we are generally not called home to Heaven. Nope, we are left here to walk in this cursed, dark, sinful, messed up, weary, world. That's why He calls the earth,  where we are walking...the valley of the shadow of death.  Our adversary has a sort of contract or amount of time left to his partial power in this world. Now hear me, he, our adversary,  does not have ALL power, nor power throughout every level of heavens into all of the universe. And praise God,  there is a time limit on it. And as His children we have much Supernatural power and aid available to us. As His children, we are called to walk by faith (Romans 1 vs 17...) and we are to walk in faith in our Father and His sure Word to us. And because of our faith in His Word. ..He covers us and our situation in His grace. This is the *Supernatural * that He provides. There is only limited, and I mean very limited , answers and provision we can accomplish on our own. But O my, when we , His children find a golden nugget of promise in His Word and use it in our situations,  He shows up! Ours is not to figure it out, or demand how and when it will be fixed...we are called to find His Word to us, believe,  trust, stand upon It in faith, and then just wait for Him to lead us out. 

 And how do I know this..? I've come to use His Word consistently in my life and He has not failed me.  Some deliverance comes quickly and some takes awhile, but He always makes a way. So let's go back to our key verse. Psalm 23 vs 4a.."Yes, though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death. .."....our Sheperd is leading us out of the circumstance. ..not forgetting us, not saying stop and I'm going to go on without your dear lamb. Nope, He always comes back for us if we stray, waiting for us to call Him to save us...but make no mistake, He has done the pursuing. And the other setting could be, you have stayed close to the Shepherd,  and life still happens, it's a messed up world, but no fear, He saw it coming before you did, and He knows exactly how to lead you to higher and better pasture. Just stay close by, follow, don't question...that will put you in a pity party...keep on trusting, keep on believing He knows the way out and He has not left you. If He has said you are going through...then you are going through this to the other side. Just hang on. 

 And soon enough, the dark, lonely, twisting path will open up to wider, green, picked out by your Shepherd. ..pastures. And I'm finding out more and more that going through these briar ridden paths, with a pasture at the end, has afforded to me in my life to, simply put, sharpen, hone, and maximize my faith in my Shepherd and what He absolutely is able to do for me while still here *in this valley of the shadow of death*. I hopefully come out of each experience with a more fine tuned ear to His voice above all other voices and noises in my life and a much more fully persuaded heart that is established on His Word to me. I believe this is His desire for each of His soldiers.

 So may we , like Joey Feek and her family, be steadfastly determined to follow our Shepherd. out into the pastures of provision He has planned for each of us, knowing He knows exactly where He is leading and it's for our best. I believe He is leading lovely Joey Feek to her pasture of healing whether it's here on earth or with Him in heaven. And this gives me hope and peace and a calmness nothing else can supply. I praise Him for the valleys He has led me through and His promise to always do this for His child. So, if you're in a bind right now, no matter how you got there, call out for Him, stand on His Word  expectantly,  and then be still...He's on His way to scoop you up and lead you *through*. 

 One more thing, after you watch both...yep...I posted 2 videos this time...so after you watch both videos...maybe before you go to bed tonight , you could  hit your knees and you could lift up Joey and her husband Rory and their baby Indiana, and their 2 big girls...Hopie and Heidi...to the throne of grace.  I'm sure they would be so grateful to you. {Learn more @roryandjoey instagram, anyone can look at it}. And remember,  He is with you, dear child. Call out to Him and He will walk you *through*. May you be blessed by this blog and the videos below. 👑☝💛🍃