💛 Isaiah 40 vs 8.."The grass withers, the flower fades, BUT the Word of our God will stand forever.." 🍄🌾🌻🍂🍃

His Word. ...His Words...what do they mean to you? Well, if you're a child of His now...you've been *born again* and adopted into His family...He's your Daddy now...then they should mean a great deal. 

I know you mommies will get this...from the time that baby of yours is in the womb...you start speaking to him/her...because you love them already and too...to comfort them and train them to discern your voice above all the other voices once they are out of your womb. And we do this for our love and devotion to them....in the womb and starting day one...when they make their grand entrance at birth. We continue this because of our great love for them and devotion towards them and also for their protection. Let's get real, besides the Lord,there is no one else who has our children's very best interest at heart except for the parents. And even so, some children grow up with parents with not so great motives because of how their childhood had been. 

I have been given SO much goodness from my Father...starting with the parents He chose for me. O my, there is not enough time or ink or battery life in my tablet to tell you how faithful, diligent, loyal, loving, forgiving, patient, giving, generous, and full of Kingdom grace....my earthly parents are and continue to be towards me and mine. 💕 And because of this undeserved goodness the Lord has lavishly wrapped my very life in...it has been quite easy to make the transition into maturing my faith...growing from the milk to the meat of His Word. To whom much is given...much is expected. Besides an unquenchable passion for His Word...this calling to serve up Faith and disciple through working knowledge of His Word to my fellow royal soldiers is hopefully the desired *return* on the goodness the Lord has put me steward over, while on this earth. And so, because my earthly father was faithful to me...consistent in His walk, and what He said he would do...whatever the task...big or small...did not matter. He would promptly do it, do it well, unto the Lord, practicing these ways to my apprentice eyes and did not fail on keeping promises. So, as a new royal child of God...the bar had been set already...and I, in turn, latched onto faith...maybe a little mightier, passionately,  and radically...because this had already been walked out in my life through the discipline I witnessed in my daddy's relationship with me.  

I gr ew up watching old shows on nick at night. One was called Dragnet. Before a new shift of men started their time on the clock...there was a meeting of all, with the head detective going over the shifts assignments. ..pairing up partners...handing out details...and reminding them of Who they were and who they represented on the streets. The policemen and detectives didn't just clock in and grab a gun, grab a set of keys, jump in a squad car and see what the day presented. ..O no, they stepped into their shift...organized, assigned, matched up, knowing again who they were, what they dominion was...who they represented, and the power and *authority * that belonged to them.

 OK now...here's a suggestion. ..a tested and true Word from me to you- whatever your day is going to present to you, throw at you, harass you with or even greatly bless you with...the best and most efficient way to *handle* the events...is to know you are not alone and He has the most amazing and surefooted way to maneuver you through it all...good and bad...maintaining your lot (peace, joy, health, soul life, marriage, children, calling...) all the while.

My advice and strong pleadings to you and even still to myself is to learn the *sound * of His Voice. And from His Voice comes....wait for it....yep...His Words to you and me. Okay, I hear ya, how on earth do I do that? First thing is find out where He speaks, always and abundantly....specifically. .. in the bible. I was taught early on ...to read the psalm and proverb chapter cooresponding to the date...like January 29th... would mean reading psalm chapter 29 and proverb chapter 29. What's interesting is that the entire book of Proverbs is never longer than the longest month sooooo...the Lord must think we need to run through the book of proverbs over and over again during our lifetime. It sure doesn't hurt, since It is the book of wisdom...His wisdom. Now psalms, on the other hand, has 150 chapters, so I keep track and go through all 150 before starting over...that's where my journal writing comes in handy. 

 Now back to training our ears or better put, our spirit to hearing His voice throughout our day. If you start reading psalms and proverbs consistently,  certain verses will stick out or light up or speak to your heart as you read them. Take note, that is Him...emphasizing a specific portion of His Word that you need right now. So I always highlight it, make a note in my journal, write it on an index card to start carrying that very day, so as to memorize it, feed on it , and bury it deep in my 💛 and determine in my 💛 and mind, that no matter the circumstance that will appear...not if...but will appear and people's unintentional fear words, plus old habitual unrenewed minded thought patterns that I haven't scoured out of my mind yet...I determine to rehearse this verse over and over ...trumping what I hear and see. Once this process starts becoming effective in your pilgrim, royal walk, He will certainly add more verse to your Kingdom file system you are *rebooting* your mind with...so go for it!! Faith...Faith children should always endeavor to grow in more and more of His knowledge and wisdom. That way when goliaths appear in your life...His Word will be drawn up from your vibrant Kingdom 💛 spontaneously and it will now be *natural* for you to hear Him and then speak this outloud...to the goliath. I know some of you are scratching your heads, thinking no way... But let me tell you, when the tough comes around in the worldly man's life...I've heard him talk and scream and curse over and over. As His children, we should be the ones the worldly ones and baby christians should be looking to...for a way out ...an answer. And that's what leads to my next point. After you've invested His Word into your ♡ and now life...He doesn't just want us to be Victorious! O, no...He wants us to share this knowledge. I'll look at my life for you. First and foremost,  as a mama...part, not all, but right after my own walk with Him...I am called to be responsible for who and what He has given me stewardship over. And at the top of my list are...my two children....no matter how old they are...I'm still their mama til the Lord calls me home. And right after my children is my husband. After all 3 of them... comes the rest of my family, then ministry and those He allows me to teach and lead and mentor. So all of this planting of His Word 🌱 is for others not just carolclare.  

  Now let's get a little deeper. I think by now, if you have spent anytime on my site and reading my blog and reading my posts on my Instagram,  you have noticed a habit of where I constantly remind us to say your name in His Word,  once you are born again.  This is something I've done for years and taught my own 2 children first and now many more. When I read outloud each morning...my verses and favorite swords and put on my armour, I always say my name and my family's name. I would feel incomplete and undressed, literally,  each day if I did not do this now. There is a cost to it, I get up early enough to manage this and eat breakfast and get ready for my work day. But this morning meeting with Him is first. Just like on Dragnet...I'm hearing Him remind me of who carolclare is now, what He promises to do for carolclare today, and the power and authority He has in my life and the power and authority carolclare has available to wield by using His Word to defeat goliaths in each of her days.

 I have to be transparent here, carolclare has some goliaths right now, that's right some...not just one  goliath,...and though they haven't completely gone away...I get up each day...pull out my playbook and let Him speak to me. So during my day when things happen, and doubts still creep into my head, and even people say fear words to me, I smile inside because I can already hear Him saying..."carolclare,  I know what you see right now...that's the natural facts (makes carolclare think of the spies who didn't believe God and spoke fear when they returned to their people)...but you are a little royal sister of Joshua and Caleb. ..and as such...My Words are the Higher Truth in your life now...so keep your focus on Me. These goliaths will soon fade away, keep walking and talking by Faith...and watch Me turn this thing...around for you, because of your faith in Me." 

 And so I do. I endeavor to walk and talk by faith each day, each moment...holding my ground til His provision shows up. There are many verses I am using and wielding right now...in light of these specific goliaths. I'll give you one. Isaiah 43 vs 1b-3a..."I have called you, carolclare,  by your name; you carolclare are Mine! When you, carolclare,  pass through the waters 🌊 , I WILL be with you, carolclare,  ....and they will NOT overwhelm you, carolclare.  Vs 3...for I am the Lord your God , the Holy One of Israel,  your...carolclare's Savior!!" There have been and will probably be more moments where I feel the pressure of circumstances. ..even though I've prayed and prayed and still no relief is in sight, and my eyes fill up so that I almost think I'm going under...but that's exactly when my High Priest. ..reminds my Father...and I hear His Word to me...right then...right there...wherever. ..at home alone...in a Walmart line...driving home from work...doesn't matter...His presence rushes in and reminds me of The Truth in my life now. He says..."carolclare,  I'm in the high, turbulent waters with you, I'm swimming. ..you just cling to my neck...and I'll get us BOTH to the other side.  You just cling and let me do the heavylifting...I got this sweetie.  " And you know what, I've got pages and pages of notes where He has never failed carolclare.  I've never drowned yet. He has always brought me to the other side even though it was usually highly turbulent.  He took the brunt of it...He paddled,  He swam, He got most of the waters splashed into His face not mine...because as I've learned to believe His Word quicker in situations,  I can rest by just hanging on to His neck. And that is truly what honors Him, when we take Him at His Word.  

 So don't believe what the adversary says to you, He is the father of lies, so that's even a waste of time. Get into your playbook.  Tune your spirit to His voice so that no matter where you're at or who else is talking to you...you hear Him, above all the othere voices...above all the noises  screaming for your attention... And you hear Him,  your Creator, your Father, The One Who loves you the very most, with  the strongest and most powerful voice, so that you believe Him and keep your peace and joy til *the turbulence * passes. Just like those detectives gathered before their shift even started, to receive instructions... and reminders of Who their partner was (we now have His Spirit inside of us as our partner, are you relying  on Him?)...and the authority and power now available to them...start your Kingdom soldier day this way. I have learned the hard way, if I don't do this discipline, if I don't *run* my day...the day ends up *running* me. And that's no fun...I'm on * defense* all day...when , in fact, I should be ready, equipped and *on offense* each day. I should be chasing the adversary and NOT the adversary chasing carolclare.  

 May we all endeavor to hear more and more of Him in our lives, He has the best of everything for us, way more than the world can offer. Also, ladies, cover your children and Husband this way. I remind Him and myself, when I say, "as for me, carolclare,  and her house ...we SHALL serve The Lord..." I ask Him every morning to somehow make it so that His voice is the loudest, clearest , and only voice my 2 children and husband hear and follow, and thus, serve. May all our homes be this way. Truly, His is the only Voice that speaks deliverance,  Victory, and Life. 🌲