Jeremiah 17 vs 7-8. .."Most blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, AND relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is. For He shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river, and it shall not see and fear when heat comes ; but it's leaf shall be green ; and it shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought,  nor shall it cease yielding fruit..."🌲🌱🍃

This has been one of my dailies for many years now, some days more precious than others. To be sure, now is one of those times. So to shore myself up...and to encourage you....I'll unpack this promise a little bit today. 

Upon inspection, I always notice that this tree 🌲 was *planted* by someone Who l♡ved the its beginning...🌱. So at our moment of salvation, I believe the Lord, Who loves us in an Everlasting way, is mindful of where we are and orchestrates those people He wants around us to mentor us and sheperd us and love us on our path to growing up to be a big solid full of Life tree...🌲. 

Now, salvation, upon our acceptance, was all provided through Christ at the cross. Our sanctification,  our growing up into a mature, Word minded, renewed minded, strong Christian Kingdom Royal child of the Most High God,  is a partnership. We must walk and grow in His Word and walk , talk, think, act as Kingdom as possible. But the rate at which we do this is up to us. We must endeavor to do this as our number one priority in Life. 🌲

Let's look at vs 7..."Most blessed is the man {royal child of His} who believes in, trusts in, relies on the Lord, AND whose hope and confidence the Lord is. .."  You can be saved, royally adopted, translated into His Kingdom and still... not be this kind of *blessed*. Well, I think it's safe to say we all... want to be this *full of Life...thriving not just surviving, Uber Blessed child of the Most High God*... ? ðŸŒ²

So our Loving Father, King of our new Kingdom, is gracious enough to give us the answer to the questions on our growing up test. He is saying to me, each time I read this outloud, because "faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God " ... Romans 10 vs 17, ...carolclare, for your very best day, for the health of your soul this day...your mind's health, your will's health, and your emotion's health...I'm asking you to believe Me, believe My Words to you, trust in Me and My Words, rely heavily on Me and My Words to you, and be so fully persuaded by them, that you and I know...that your hope and your confidence are in Me and in My Words. 

So, I know this much...I must go and search and read and dig and find Words of His throughout my new manual for my Kingdom living down here on earth. And that is confidence and hope in Him, little Word, little confidence in Him, but MUCH Word...found and treasured and hidden in my ♡ and MUCH confidence and MUCH hope in Him. And I can't be lame and say, yeah, but Father, there's just not enough time...?  To which He raises an eyebrow 😞😌 ...and responds,..."but carolclare,  you always have enough time and even make time for that which your heart longs for..." And I slump 😔...ashamed, knowing He is right. And so, I make time...for His Word. ..keep that time as precious,  defend that my date with matter what...because I want to be that tree in verse 8....and make my Daddy smile!!🌲  

And I dig and dig for more verses, I bury and bury, I speak and talk them all throughout my day...I write them down in journals and on index as to build up my spirit man and let my worldly flesh know, you big're not in charge anymore. ..there's a new King in town. And His Word goes!!! What He says...carolclare does...What He says He can do for carolclare. ..I believe and He will...who He says carolclare is now...I am...and what He says carolclare, through Christ,  can do, she will...gosh darn it!! So devil, look're kicked out, your lies don't work here just slink on out of here, because Jesus has declared you are ALREADY defeated in my life now!!!

Woo!! That will fire anybody up...🔥 Let's keep going. So the order saved...then grow up in your spirit man through working knowledge of Him and His Word. order to be blessed. And why should we want to be blessed?? Well, not just to be fat and happy all the day long, like the world and baby Christian's think. O, no...we should desire to THRIVE, be blessed or grown up and developed in every area of our Kingdom lives, in order to handle our days, to soldier well... not just ho hum, kinda ok,...but slay the demons, kick the defeated devil in the mouth each and everyday. ..through Christ, and  to draw others {unsaved, and unrenewed minded double minded world minded baby christians} to Christ and the vibrant, strong Life available to us and them right now...before we depart to Heaven!  ðŸŒ²

Now, if we stay fresh and green and attached to His Word daily...we can be that tree in verse 8. We can be planted through Salvation next to Living waters 🌊🌊 and if we choose , by our daily commitment to remain by His Living reading and memorizing His Word,  by attending a Word church every Sunday morning,  attend sunday school, maybe even study ahead for sunday school...just saying...that's not just an option for the teachers... and have study time with Him daily... at the least, and even study over the past sundays sermon...there are so many opportunities available to us to grow ourselves up into a strong sibling of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  But the commitment is ours.'s up to you and me. 🌲

Just like in the natural,  when a little tree is planted near an endless supply of water and nutrients...the little tree is able to grow roots 🌱🍃🍃 and as the roots grow thicker ...they can grow stronger to reach out even more ...spread out, as this Word declares, so as to support a larger tree. And His Word then declares that this growing, nourished, full of Life, vibrant , green tree will not even see or fear when heat 🌞🔥🌅🔥🌞 comes ...but spite of this intense heat...the very leaves of this tree will remain green...full of life, vibrant, healthy, stable. And this tree...still growing what..? ...the Everlasting waters of God... taken from His very Word. ...this tree 🌱🌲will NOT be anxious and FULL of care (s) in the year of drought (lack in any way in any area)...nor shall this tree...cease...forsake...stop...HALT ✋ ...yielding fruit in its lifetime!!! 🍎🍏

 O, I could write for days on this piece of His Word right here...but let me conclude. Just like when you are in that relationship with THE ONE....and you know sweet sister of mine that He is THE ONE...and now you're engaged too...💍💐💕💞💝 ...whether the 2 of you are together at the moment or not, doesn't matter...both of your thoughts are on the other...for sure! But especially,  when you 2 are in the same room, with a crowd or a few people, it would not matter , I know for certain my eyes were always on my husband to be...didn't matter who else was present...a dancing pink and purple elephant 🐘...whose head was on fire  could have walked in the room...danced around us...jumped up and down...and still I would not have even known...for my eyes 👀💕 were *on* ...fixed...staid...glued l♡ve! Period! End of story! 

Well, dear royal child, when you get tired of unstability, double mindedness,  a weary soul, tapped out emotions, ...get re-planted...🌱 Decide to go back to your First L♡ve...Him 👑☝ ...and stay planted ...🌱 ...drink in His Living waters 🌊🌊 . The *fuller* you become and remain full from His very Word. ..the less *hungry* you will be ...for anything the world offers...funny how that works. So, when you're still scrambling and not satisfied,...step back from the *buffet* of what the world offers...push back your chair. ..rise up...and go to His banquet table 🍴🍞🍏🍎🍴..set for you and all His royal children {psalm 23 vs 5} . Sit down and stay awhile...return often...  And be assured, that as you practice this...your heart and eyes will be fixed on Him and His voice...that will speak to you inside your spirit throughout your that, just like when I was betrothed to my now husband...didn't matter and doesn't matter what is going on around us...He is ALL we see and He is ALL we hear. So now...we are planted, we know our Source! And even if heat comes...pressures, distress, strife, lack, problems, goliaths...small and big...these things are real but...BUT...our God...our Source is BIGGER AND GREATER!!! And like His Word declares...our need is met ...straight out of His provision. ..coming from His Heavenly Kingdom...He can and will *keep* you and me...*preserve* us...*protect and defend* all our ways {psalm 91 vs 10 ~ 11. ..there's some fresh Word for you to keep, your welcome..😊} that, in spite of this HEAT...drought, this old world and the world's Kingdom and economy...we remain  stable...not anxious...we  thrive and flourish and grow and produce...we do NOT fret...worry...and cease yielding fruit in our lives here on planet earth! ! 🍏🍎🍃🌲 

I am asking you now, if you are not sure if you're in His Kingdom. ..then let's settle this first. Go find a pastor and talk to him or email me...see my contact page please on my site. But if you are Royal already, then let's do this!! Let's represent! ! Let's make sure that Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are looking over the balconies of Heaven and are noticing you and me. Give them something to cheer for...let them explode with cheers and laughter from the balconies so that they start hi fiving each other  and those around them!!!✋👏👏😃😃😀🙌🙌🙌🙋👑☝

May this new year of 2016 be a year of Life for you...a year of vibrancy...much growth...renewed faith in Hope in Him and His Word. May you grow crops of peace and stability...deep roots of joy, no matter the what the times look like, for this is called walking by faith and not walking by sight. And may you be well on your way to looking like a Tall,Full, Lush, Strong Tree... that is able to produce much Kingdom fruit in your life that in turn...affects those near and dear to you...🍎🍏 Don't settle, don't eat with the world's crowd...don't let their choice of dinner selection from their menu be your selection as well. 🍴🍞

 Remember you are His royal child and a set apart soldier in the Army of the Most High God!  So let's do this...and come out of 2016 ...greater and mightier and stronger in our Faith than when the year began!! 🌱🌲🍃🍏🍎🍃👑☝