💛 Isaiah 61 vs 10..."I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God;for He has clothed me with garments of salvation. He has covered me with The robe of Righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels..."

Joy...is the state of mind that affects a believer's spirit, soul, and body. Let's break this down...what's the difference between JOY and HAPPINESS..? Happiness is a state of mind, directly attached to the circumstances and relationships and people we come into contact with, throughout our days. So, it follows, that when things and people's are grooving along....we are happy and unshaken. And the same is true, in reverse, when goliaths appear, mountains rise in front of us, humans are challenging, then happiness diminishes. Unfortunately, these words can be said of nonbeliever's and unrenewed minded believers...for both groups are *walking by sight* or better put...by their flesh...and depending on what the flesh encounters...the flesh...obviously being in charge...tells the mind and soul {mind, will, & emotions } at what level the happiness meter is running at today. So, without correct knowledge to combat this *ruling flesh* ...these 2 groups, go blindly along, living up and down according to their happiness levels.

But, praise God, as believers, His royal children,  we have another better and stable option afforded to us, if we take it by faith, through the wisdom of His Word. Joy is the state of mind available to His royal child,  based on and in direct proportion (psalm 33 vs 22) to Him and working knowledge of His Word.  So our stability of emotions,  topped off levels of great Joy come from Him, our Father, The Most High God,  and truly the only Source of provision in our lives, here on earth. 

So, you ask, "carolclare,  you don't know what I'm going through right now, how can this joyfilled state of mind occur for me? "  I hear you, and I may not be in your shoes, but I've been in some rough spots and my days are not blue skies and singing cherubs...0 no, it's a cursed world out there but His Word is the Highest Authority in my life now and He has never failed me.

As His royal daughter, carolclare is now *justified* or *just*...and my playbook tells me in Romans 1 vs 17b...As it is written, The man who through faith (born again) is just, and upright ...shall (is called to) live and (how..?) ...shall (should endeavor) to live by faith, and out of faith. Alright, so I'm called, you're called to live, now, by faith and through faith...in something or someone. That's how any faith works. Look around, most daytime shows, most book stores, alot of secular radio stations vie for our attention, to lure us into a false hope in some new idea, product, or person in the spotlight. And it must be needed, because...these ideas fail, products fail, books fail, and people, better yet, Hollywood idols, sport idols, and leaders of our country even fail us and so people move on to look for something or someone else to place their faith in. And the cycle continues. 

I own a Seiko watch, and when I need to have it serviced I march  right down to my favorite *certified seiko* shop, without nary a worry, because time and  time again, this particular store has delivered on their promise to faithfully repair and restore and maintain the life and quality of my treasured watch. So, you could say, carolclare, due to past experiences and now working knowledge of the expert staff at this shop, has *faith* in this particular Seiko dealer.

So, let's unpack this verse and in practical terms, see what this is about. If we are, indeed,  His royal children now, it would be wise and highly beneficial to go by our playbook. Kinda like, when you get a new high tech toy or appliance...say an outdoor smoker...it would be wise and save alot of terror and misfortune, if we read our owner's manual before ever operating  the new gadget...right..? 

Well, The same can be said of us now. And we know, deep deep down it's true, because He has wired us this way. Otherwise the self help section in Barnes and Noble and the endless Weight Watchers commercials and miles and miles of makeup counters laden with creams and potions promising ageless results...would disappear.  On the contrary,  all of these areas are well stocked and monetarily supported by men and women in search of better results in their lives. Now, there's truly nothing wrong with any of this, but when it is our first choice and not a choice that has come as a result of pursuing His wisdom in any area...then we have a problem. 

So, just like it would be silly, even foolish to take my Seiko watch for maintenance to Best Buy, as nice a store as Best Buy is, they do not sell watches nor are they experts in the field of watch repair, upkeep, and maintenance. Now I know this much, the Lord created all of us, saved and unsaved. We are all made in His image. So if we are educated enough to take our Ford automobile into a certified Ford dealership, and not to, let's say, a Harley Davidson dealership, then why on earth, do we , His saved royal children, with a ready made and written for us playbook, keep chasing our tails, and hitting heads against walls, in search of a better way of doing this life, coping with this life, and enjoying this life...?

Okay, life is challenging, all around us. I am certainly not denying that. I can look around and see much going on without even trying. But, the greater Truth, in my life now is His Word to me. He is Who He says He is,...He can still do what He says He can do,...and I am, through salvation in Christ,  Who He says I am now.  And our playbook says here, we are to live by faith. So let's find some good word and have faith in It. 


Isaiah 61 vs 10..."I  (say your name, carolclare ) will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul ( my mind, my will, & my emotions ) will exult in my God (Noone or nothingelse) ; (why..?) for He HAS clothed me (carolclare, say your name ) with garments of salvation.  He has covered me (carolclare, say your name ) with the robe of Righteousness. .." 

I love this Word. It helps me get through some tough days. When goliaths pop up into my section of the world and taunt me, by saying...ok, carolclare, what  are you going to do now, how are you going to deal with this bad news, surprise bill, , interruption in your already booked solid day, huh...?  And just like my favorite knife in my knife block...the one I pull out to slice bread...with the specific serrated blade that slices bread exquisitely without squishing the bread, like when I used to use a butter knife...until I discovered the specific design and function of each knife in the block,...so it is with much past experience and faith in my Lord and this particular word, His Word right here...that I respond, each time...each day...to each goliath...taunting me..."it is written...that my Lord and Father...the Most High God, says , that in spite of, these bumps, hiccups, bad reports brought to me...carolclare is still clothed in garments, plural...thank you...of salvation. And those garments are not just to get me into Heaven, 0 no. These gaments, plural, Mr adversary. ..are garments of salvation, victory, and deliverance for every day of my earthly life. And as my Father, He is the source of all victory and deliverance in my life. 

And furthermore,  He has covered me and all His children in The Robe of Righteousness. ..and even though I still mess up, I'm not perfect all the time, He sees me through the lens of Christ's Righteousness and because my *position* as His child now, cannot change...He rescues me not because of anything I do or did, but because of Who He is. He is love, He is faithful, and He is merciful, He is the waymaker...Luke 1 vs 37...Jeremiah 17 vs 7-8. 

Now, because i/we have entered into covenant with Him, we have a part to play. And that part is the great exchange. For His power , His grace, His supernatural deliverance to occur for us...we are to give Him our faith. Just like Romans 1 vs 17b expresses. So when I have a situation arise, and no, I cant figure it out, or fathom a way out, I KNOW the One Who can and does know a way out...a way over a mountain. ..a way through this dark mess...a sure and clear calm to this storm...and this verse answers it for me...and shuts down the adversary. My faith in this Word and many, many more...are buried in my ♡ and now absorbed into my spirit. They are old friends, well used swords in my soldier's arsenal. 

So, in spite of the goliaths each day...choose to be anchored in your spirit, soul, and body...to the only unchanging, supernatural Power...the One True Source, the Creator, the *certified human specialist* Authority...The Lord God Almighty. Remind yourself of this good news. You are dressed in the Royal gaments of a Kingdom citizen. And this particular word declares you, in the midst of these troubles, are clothed, dressed, outfitted even, despite the chaos around you, and by having unwavering Hope in this Word,  you can now have *J♡Y* ...His J♡Y...J♡Y that is tied to, anchored in Him and His abundant provision to you, dear child , everyday. It's our choice, it's my choice, it's your choice. 

So now that you have been given this Word of His...straight out of our playbook, owners manual...right out of the book Isaiah. ..what are you going to do with it? The choice is yours each day, each moment... But know this, Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. ..🎵🎶. 

So for now, take this Word and make it yours, for if you are His child, then indeed, it is yours already.  And now by reading this blog, you have some knowledge of it. But go farther...read it more and more...include it in your daily time with Him. Say it over and over, Romans 10 vs 17,  and bury it in your ♡ ...thus becoming fully persuaded in His Victorious Word to you.  And let the promise of this Word remind you that He is delivering you throughout your day...and this my dear royal child...shall give you back your hope...and this Kingdom lit Hope shall then give you J♡Y...J♡Y in spite of conditions. ..so find your J♡Y...hold on tight to your J♡Y...and in doing so...shine for Him...wherever you are...for this is the reason for your J♡Y...to sustain you and draw all to Him. 💛