Isaiah 41 vs 10~13..."Fear not, {there is no-thing to fear}, for I am with you; do not look around you in terror AND be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up AND retain you with My Victorious Right hand of rightness and justice. 

Vs 11...Behold, ALL they who are enraged AND inflamed ๐Ÿ”ฅ against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.

vs 12...You shall seek those who contend with you BUT you shall not find them; they who war against you shall be as nothing,  as nothing at all!!

vs 13...For I The Lord your God, hold your right hand; I AM The Lord, Who says to you  {carolclare, say your name}...Fear NOT; I will help you!!"

 Well, here we are, in the New Year of 2016. And Christmas festivities and celebrations are over, and some have put away all the trinkets and baubles til next time and some are just starting to put away the twinkle lights and tree and decorations...

 But what about The Baby? When was the last time {I'm speaking to myself here, first} you checked on the Baby..? Ya know, like when you brought home your new, fresh, tiny little baby from the hospital...the 9 months...or more...of pregnancy didn't end with the arrival of the sweet little human. O, no- in fact, the journey had really just begun. And upon the initial moment of holding your highly anticipated newborn, and great feelings of love washed over you for this new child of yours, you became a loyal,faithful, protective, and adoring parent. And so it followed, that when baby came home from the hospital, that indeed, this baby changed EVERYTHING!! You checked repeatedly, day & night, on your new tended to the fed the nourished the helped the baby to protected the baby, guarding the baby's schedule...and in doing so, changed...turned upside down even, your schedule to accommodate the put their needs, health, growth, life first, not yours...

 These verses in Isaiah have been a solid ground for me this year...I've camped out by them...led there by my Father. And so far, He has not asked me to take up my tent and move on. So besides my daily swords I wield each morning, I have added this glorious set, as well. So they will enter the New Year with me as a trusted friend alongside carolclare. They have proved themselves worthy to me, and as I feel the Lord calling me up even higher with this new chapter in my pilgrim life down here, they will carry me through to the higher ground.

 And how will they do that, in practical terms, you ask? Well, The Baby, The Anointed One HAS indeed, changed everything in me and for me, and the change came from His Word...starting with John 3 vs 16...and continues to this I constantly seek...check on...The Baby {His Word...John 1 vs 1..."in the beginning {before all time} was the Word {Christ } and the Word was with God and the Word was God}. And I find as I seek Him and His Word, I am renewed in my mind and ๐Ÿ’›... because The Baby changes everything! !!

 First of all, He tells me, Fear NOT!! Not, fear a little or fear sometimes, but Fear NOT! And He then explains why to Fear NOT- because He is WITH me, carolclare. Then He gives specifics, knowing what I'm apt to do next, because until I've fully trained my flesh to line up and walk royal, my flesh is still more naturally inclined to walk in the old manner of the dark kingdom I used to belong to-which is the adversary's domain- namely walk in fear. So Jesus tells me, do NOT look around you, carolclare,  because what carolclare sees may try and put her in dismay and terror. 

 Then this Anointed Baby tells me that  He is my God now, because I was born again, and He will strengthen me to difficulties and even harden me to difficulties...because according to my soldier manual, literally handed to me, at Salvation, in John 16 vs 33..."I have told you {carolclare, royal child} these things, SO that in Me you may have {perfect } peace and confidence. In the world ๐ŸŒ you have tribulation  and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer { take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted }! For I HAVE overcome the world {I have deprived it of power to harm you AND conquered it for you..}. And those things I see right now, which are temporal and ever changing, can, if I focus on them and let them into my mind and heart. ..cause me to drift towards fear and terror, which in turn, leads to the entrance of their second cousin....dismay. Yikes!!! . 

 But He assures me, that He will, if I have this knowledge and truly am fully persuaded in His Word and by His Word, He will strengthen and harden flesh, not harden my heart. I have learned that my old ways included...among many other ways...a flesh that was touchy, easily offended, angry even if only on the inside, dramatic, self seeking flesh...and even though at times, it was justified to the point of righteous anger, if I didn't learn to correct my lack of forgiveness and give it ALL over to God to handle and make right, that my Love walk was sorely off kilter...and primarily affected me and my peace, joy, well being, and state of mind. Needless to say, I've still got flashing lights up because my flesh is still under Holy Ghost re-construction . 

 So daily, hourly, almost every waking moment, I rehearse this golden, power-packed nugget of His *does NOT return void, Isaiah 55 vs 11*  promise to myself. I love how He ends it all by saying to me, Behold!!! or take note as you look around now carolclare - ALL those who are enraged and inflamed ๐Ÿ”ฅ against let me pause here...that's some big, strong, intimidating, harassing kind of goliaths, if you ask me...and He wants you and me to know...really know...not just one time, quickly read in a moment of devotion, but a knowing that comes from being sick and tired of this old world and all the goliaths, and you finally decide in your walk, talk, and think royal.  His promise here says that to walk royal...which is to say, I walk more efficiently, more confidently, more boldly...because He will strengthen me and harden or toughen me up, He holds my right hand each moment, and He helps me in only the way He can...supernaturally...above and beyond the natural way...

 And the result of all this warfare and protection supplied by Him and through Him, on account of carolclare or any royal child, placing their faith and expectancy in Him and His Word,  is that when the smoke clears...and we get a little further down this path...He asks me and you to stop โœ‹ and look around...those who had strove, fought with, battled, even harassed you and me, will not be found...they will be as nothing, it...the circumstance...will perish...and we...His royal children will NOT be ashamed or confounded at all. And what does that mean..? Well, it means dear heart, that when we go against the tide, when we decide to be radical in our persuasion of His Word and be so audaciously BOLD in our Faith in His Word, no matter the crowd around us...when He comes through and delivers us from our goliaths... He likes to do this sometimes, most front of our naysayers. And for our standing upon His Word,  we are rewarded, as well, with NOT being ashamed nor confounded for believing Him and taking Him at His Word.  We are thrilled and overjoyed in His power and deliverance in our pilgrim lives down here!!!

 So this New Year's Day and throughout the coming year, even though all the decorations have been tucked away til December 25th rolls around again...remember The Baby...The Christ Child. ..The Anointed One. the nursery {physically speaking, a room in a literal home...spiritually speaking,your Heart...where He is your tent of a body}. He is and was The reason for the whole season!! Check in with Him alot, tend to Him, nurture this relationship,  honor Him by placing high value on His Word...take Him @ His Word.  And in doing so, by walking even more Royal ๐Ÿ‘‘ , by thinking more Royal, by talking more Royal, by boldly and audaciously BELIEVING more Royal...behold!....look around!...because The Baby changes EVERYTHING!!!

 Hallelujah! !! Him we praise โ˜ ๐Ÿ‘‘  Him we trust โ˜ ๐Ÿ‘‘ 

 Happy New Year to you and yours!!! ๐Ÿ’›  Enjoy the video โคต