Isaiah 9 vs 6..."For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder,  and His Name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father (of Eternity) , Prince of Peace! !" β€πŸŒ²β€πŸ­πŸŽ‡

It's Christmas day, and most of us are celebrating the birth of the most anticipated baby of all time, The Christ Child. How Glorious!! 

One of my favorite songs is , O, come let us adore Him. I have loved this song since I was a little girl. Even then, I knew it was special, because it put my thoughts right on Him, the Christ child, the Anointed One. 

I have only begun, in my Kingdom years {as His roy al daughter now} to come to a fuller working knowledge, of Who He is and the direct connection of *adoring* Him...and the resulting fruit of that in my pilgrim life. 🌲 

When I choose to stop, whether it's for a moment...because that may be all I in a grocery store line....or a redeemed kind of appointment with Him, where I savor each passing tick of the clock...I now look forward to adoring Him, and even find myself, trying to redeem more times with Him, anywhere I am...🌲 

When I step, out of my moment, into a more present realization of His Presence,  and focus on Him, adore Him and ponder Who He is...I always come away...changed, re-freshed, and strengthened in my very spirit 🌲

Isaiah 9 vs 6 tells that unto born...The Child...Who is....The Wonderful Counselor...not a mediocre,  or lazy, or unattentive Counselor. ..but The Wonderful Counselor.  Webster's dictionary defines counselor advisor, an expert in the matter, an authority, a  manager of your affairs, a true confidant.  So when I spend time with The Wonderful Counselor,  and tell Him all my troubles, knowing, through this Word, that He can manage all my goliaths, all of them, in a perfect and efficient way and be my confidant,  then slowly, my cares slip away. My heart slows down to a rhythm of grace, and I feel relieved. He's got this, He's  my manager, He isn't even moved by any of this. 🌲

Isaiah further declares to me, that when I adore Him, I'm adoring a Mighty God! Webster's defines Mighty as...having strong power, possessing great strength, very potent, much valor, very significant power! Well, Biblically speaking, He is THE GOD, having and possessing ALL power, still on the Throne, Almighty God of Might and Strength!! 🌲 

Isaiah goes on to say, He is Everlasting Father!! Everlasting. ..let that sink in...Neverending, Endless, Perpetual, Enduring, Infinite, Abiding, Eternal...Father. So this Everlasting Father is He that eternally wants to *lead* you, *feed* you, *protect* you, and *sheperd* you,...if you will let Him. Once we are saved, we still have to ask Him, and here's the key, we have to let Him lead us, we have to let Him be King, not just Lord, so He can lead us along His paths of abundant light, lush green pastures with  protection for the journey. 🌲

And finally, Isaiah closes with the words, Prince of Peace. He is the only Peace in this world, all other is false and/or fleeting as a vapor. Sadly, it's not time to have complete peace, here on earth.  But this strong, sure, faithful Word from our Father, is here to remind us over and over, that we can have peace, His kind of peace, in spite of, in the midst of, this world and all its busyness, unrest, strife, hustle, and it's lack of peace. Now here's the and i, just like a gas tank in a car, have to keep ourselves filled up, to run well. So, if I'm pinched, short on patience, unloving, unfair,nice to John Q. Public and witchy to loved ones, it's time to look at my *peace tank* and see at what level I'm currently running at, so to speak.  God is not mocked, if my fruit is stinky, then I need to set some things I deemed important aside, and rush to His presence! I need to filler up!! And what is so spectacular about this habit of times of adoring this Anointed One, is that I remember anew, How awesome He is, how Jinormous He is {thank you Elf!}...and the goliaths in my life always minimize because I have re-laid them in His Huge, capable hands to manage for me, His royal daughter! And this comforts me soooo! He has made us to only think one thought, at a time, so, in practicing this Kingdom art of adoring Him, in Walmart lines or driving in my car in silence, or nestled on our couch, with my favorite quilt, in these moments, my thoughts are on Him and His Royal Magnificence. And my dreary, faithless, hopeless, fearful thoughts are gone...all due to adoring Him!!  πŸŒ² 

So, my prayer for you, is His gift 🎁 to you....0, come let us adore Him!!! Endeavor to check your *peace tank* levels more often this coming year. Keep it *topped off* . Let Him refresh you, fill up your spirit, fill up your peace tank, renew your mind and thus πŸ’› His ways of doing things, let Him manage you and your schedule, let Him tweak a thing or two, let Him lead you on some new paths this year, and anoint you for the better. And in doing so, may you hum within your soul {your mind, your will, and your emotions } to yourself and those around you..."0, come let us adore Him, 0, come let us adore Him, 0, come let us adore Him...Christ The Lord πŸŽ‡β˜πŸ‘‘ 

 Happy Christmas to ya'll and may this season of the Christ Child be...Merry and Bright πŸŽ‡ for all!