Psalm 97 vs 11..."Light is sown for the {uncompromisingly} righteous AND strewn along their pathway, and JOY for the upright in heart {the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and His protection }."

I love this verse of Scripture and His promise to His royal children. But I always love it even more during the Christmas season ❀🌲❀  because there are twinkle lights everywhere, in homes, on houses, in churches, in little shops in town,almost everywhere I look. And all those lights stir up this verse of Scripture in my πŸ’›  and I end up pondering this promise the rest of the day. 

Our Father promises us, tucked here in this sparkly verse of Scripture, that LIGHT is sown for the righteous, more specifically,  the uncompromisingly righteous. Well, that's a bump in the road, isn't it...? πŸ˜• But, hang on, stick with me here. Let's chew this up a bit...shall we? 

Biblically speaking, *Righteous* does mean sinless, spotless, without sin or guiltiness. Well, there goes my Light sown for me. No light sown for carolclare, nope, nada, not happening. Lots of dimly lit, dark pathways for me. Or maybe not, let's dig a little deeper, I mean He promises His royal children ~ a future and a hope, plans to prosper us  {Jeremiah 29 vs 11} ~ well I can't believe His good plans would be on dark pathways, that His royal daughter carolclare is groping along, leaving me to stumble on the pathway. 

He promises that He sows and shines  the Light...His Light...upon the pathway of the uncompromisingly righteous.  So who are these *uncompromisingly righteous* He is doing this illumination for, anyway..? Well, His royal children are *Righteous* , once we are saved and born again. He now sees us clothed in Christ's Righteousness,{2 Corinthians 5 vs 21}  sinless and spotless, justified and redeemed, and once again, back in right standing, in our relationship with Him. So, what's this *uncompromisingly* word there for? I mean, I still sin, I still mess up, I still have a hard heart sometimes, so even if I'm now ~ righteous  ~ I sure do compromise...which is the exact opposite of *uncompromising*. Yikes, back to the dimly lit pathway, maybe...

Our Father does want the good plans for us to play out in our lives, but it takes our cooperation. know, that 2 way street in this Kingdom Covenant we entered into with our Father. We, I can't be sinless, try as hard as I can. But i, we are clothed in Christ's Righteousness now, so we are covered, so to speak. The uncompromisingly part plays out this way. Watch this...the great daily exchange for His royal child is...we give Him our Faith {in His Word and His Power in said Word} for each moment, each mountain, each goliath, each lack we are facing down here and He heaps out helpings of Powerful Supernatural Grace to us.  Now, when, I am uncompromising in my audacious Faith in His Word due to my Full persuasion in His Word,  He walks ahead of me, and sows {plants } and strews {sprinkles} Light {like pretty twinkle strands of Christmas lights } all the way down my path. Here's  the kicker...when I pause in my faith {my source of currency in this Kingdoms market system}, He has to pause and stop βœ‹ unrolling more of the twinkle lights for me...right there...where my faith halted.  

Now I can almost hear you, why on earth, would you ~ carolclare ~ halt your faith and stop your Light Source..that's silly?! Well, I can't speak for you, but from my own pilgrim experience,  there are many reasons. None of them really justified, nonetheless, I still make weak choices. Sometimes my faith wanes out due to a shortage, ya know, like when life gets busier, o, maybe like, take for example-Christmas.πŸŽ„ There are a lot of things to do for the big day, and when these holiday traditions take time from my day, I sometimes , cut back, or even maybe, skip my times with Him. Whaaaat...!? And when I don't take in the *daily requirements * of His Word,  my faith becomes weak. Why..? Because faith comes how? By hearing, and hearing and hearing {outloud, I find is the best} the Word of God...Romans 10 vs 17. And just like eating a power packed breakfast 🍎🍏before I start my day, even more so, when I remind my spirit each morning, by reading His Word  about who I am now, and what He is more than able to do for me, I step out, into my day of soldiering, from a strong working knowledge which is fueled by my faith in the Word I just ate.

A popular halt of my faith is a pesky 4 letter word...namely...f●e●a●r. I know, youve got this one mastered, no sweat, right..? 😨 Well, not carolclare. O no, sometimes I hear it sneaking around but I quickly contend with it and declare *this is God's property, so get lost mister! But, 0, then there are times, when I don't just hear it messing around with me, but I actually open  up the front door for him, you know, our minds, and let him in to troll around and wreck the place. Ughhh! Then I finally get tired of pondering the *fear*... the thoughts that say..."this is too hard, I don't see a way out of this, it's the biggest goliath ever, what am I going to do..?" And then I muster up some Word from my heart or head over to my favorite bible and finally kick that fear out. 

 So the key here is, to remain uncompromising.  Be Worded Up, not just a little or even just sometimes, or when it's on the defense. To remain as uncompromising as possible,  we must endeavor to NOT compromise our supply of Faith. We must continuously feed our Faith, keep it strong and vibrant and fresh. Just like physical meals nourish us, they still don't last. We use up the fuel from the food we ate and we must schedule a time or routine to eat again. Just like physical meals, we are only as strong in our Faith as the last meal we took in. Whether I eat up His Word sporadically or consistently , i will always end up burning though it. Life and it's circumstances will eat away at the supply of Faith that you and me have laid up in our hearts. So to demonstrate a disciplined proactive, always ready and available...soldier would be wise of me to lay up His Word in my heart by the truckloads, so my Faith is constantly stoked. 

So, here comes the JOY for the upright in heart, at the end of this sparkly verse.  When my heart is filled up and fully persuaded in His Victorious Word to me, I am line with His Word, in agreement with His Word to me, expectant, even , of His Word to work in my life. And this expectancy, does indeed, always give me, carolclare, much JOY. πŸ’›πŸ­

And  yet, you ask, how can you have JOY, in the midst of this goliath activity,  that we still see...dancing around...taunting you...? Because I have buried in my heart His promises of Victory and deliverance, in plain terms, I now have His Word on it! And like the verse closes, I am reminded, that this consciousness or plainly stated, full persuasion in His Word and indeed His favor and protection , by my Faith ex change to Him...and through the Supernatural power of His Grace made available to me now , I can say "the Victory is on its way!!

So, as you too, observe each day, during this glorious season of Christmas...the glow and sparkle of twinkle lights...may this verse be a gift 🎁 to you to carry deep in your heart. And may you endeavor to keep it there, even lay up more twinkly, golden pieces of fan the flames of your growing, vibrant Faith, so that you remain uncompromising in your Faith. And may you know too, that He has endless strands of sparkly twinkle lights with your name on them, to unroll as He walks just a little bit ahead of light...illuminate.. and brighten up your pathways. πŸ’›

Happy Christ~Mas Season to ya'll. ..πŸ’›πŸ­β€πŸŒ²β€πŸŒ²β€πŸŽ‡