πŸ’› ~ Welcome to you!

The beginning...Luke 1 vs 37~πŸ’›

Here i am ~ writing my first blog and you get a front row seat for my new site and how the Lord will lead me along the way. You can say...hey! I was there at the beginning of this journey...the Faith journey that the Lord took carolclare on. In a very comforting and warm way, this notion helps me too. I somehow feel as if you are here, sitting quietly with me, praying for me, as I write my notes, and study His Word and type up my first blog and then, many more along the way.

Well, I must go back, ~ WAY back, ~to the beginning. A few years ago, our Interim Pastor Jim Bailiff...the Kingdom sheperd, pursuer of God, that he is...did a series on Luke 1 vs 37 which states..."for with God NOTHING is ever impossible AND no word from God shall be without power OR impossible of fulfillment. .." He was teaching us, that, this one verse isn't  there just for..."hum, ho, thank you Lord for this day, may I make it through and have a good day...amen..." 0 no, Pastor Jim emphatically replied! This verse, like so many other ones found in God's Word, were for those children of His...that are renewed minded..Kingdom talking...walk by faith...brothers and sisters of Joshua, Caleb, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.At the end of this sermon series, he asked the congregation to really ponder and recall...something the Lord had put on our β™‘'s , in years past,  to dream and pray for...that perhaps, due to time or lack of faith, we had given up on...or even something,like an *unkingdom habit*, we knew we wanted and needed to *shed* but we just couldn't seem to be able to permanently keep it *shed*.

 We were then, to bring in faith, the following Sunday, that thing, that desire from the Lord,  and it was to be  to written  down on a slip of paper.

Well, that next Sunday,  Pastor Jim brought in  2 baskets to church service. At the sermon time, if I remember correctly, he would ask those that actually wanted to do this, to come down and place our slip of paper in one of the 2 baskets. Why, 2 baskets, you ask..? Well, he explained that if you wanted him to take yours up and not read it, but only pray for it...then, put yours in basket A. But if you wanted him to read yours AND pray for it, to place yours in basket B. 

Well, I knew mine pretty quickly that week and prepared my slip of paper...my slip contained two dreams...each one closely knit to the other. And I set about journaling and praying over them in advance, in preparation of the special Sunday service. I had also decided to place mine in basket B. because Pastor Jim was not a double minded child of God and that was the kind of Kingdom people, I always endeavored to pray with.

My desire, from the Lord, was to not just write in my journals anymore for myself, nor to just text and email those who I truly knew, nor to stop at teaching  just within my church walls and within my home. O no, He had  placed in me a great desire to write more, and talk more. Isaiah 54 vs 2..."Enlarge the place of your tent, carolclare, and let the curtains of your habitation be stretched out;SPARE NOT; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes, carolclare..." And i did stretch and lengthen and prepare for my God given desire, and still continue to do this.

I looked up all the "I am with you" verses and all the promises of how He is my Strength, and Power, and Wisdom, and Enabler of those who want to *run with the horses* Jeremiah 12 vs 5. And I journaled them, and memorized them, so that when I sat, or walked along the way, They...His very Word to me, would speak to me and strengthen me, in advance for this new *assignment* He had already given to me ~ carolclare. I was remodeling my *tent* and stretching it to the limit, in anticipation of His need of it. 

I didn't know how or when, or where to go, but like  Abraham, I heard Him...so I  stepped out in Faith...by writing on a slip of paper and dropping it into a "faithfilled, prayed over basket...one sunday... and then, here's a key part, i *stood* upon His Word dropped into my β™‘ and waited to see what He would do...psalm 138 vs 8..." The Lord will perfect that which concerns you {carolclare} ; Your mercy and loving-kindness , 0 Lord, endure forever-forsake not the works of Your own hands..." 

Well, I did have given to me, more opportunities to speak, and I got to speak to those I had not spoken to before. And I was asked to write new things...like the daily devotions...for our team for the past 2 years on their mission trips. All these opportunities gave me...His child... more wisdom, more knowledge of His Word, and above all,... {this part always gets to me}...above all, and MOST importantly,  a renewed and sharpened confirmation and Faith in My Father and what He had promised to do for me and through me. 

Fast forward to a few months ago, early 2015, and like I have written on my *about* page...the studying time in my bible had so increased, that when I texted/emailed each morning to my groups...I had a challenging time to find a stopping point to end each morning message I sent. The Lord just kept pouring into me.

So I began to write in the afternoon after work, things He had laid upon my β™‘ for later messages. I was almost doing little bible studies with the Lord, besides those lessons I studied to teach Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Tuesday night for secret church. Just like the loaves 🍞 and fishes 🐟🐟🐟, I knew that He didn't like to waste anything, so I journaled these studies and filed them away, for future use, just obeying and loving my journey with Him. 

Very soon afterward, He laid it on my β™‘ to prepare to write a blog. A blog, I asked...what's a blog...and I don't even know how to start. But i heard Him, so i kept believing.

Well, soon after that, late summer, after our team from church returned from their mission trip...2 people...2 men...who don'teven know about my dream from God...came to me , not knowing about the other, and asked if, I had ever thought of blogging. One of them even added, "Have you ever thought of blogging, and maybe even more than just blogging, kinda like when you have your have site, as well..? 

Now, old me, would have said,.......What..??!!! But, new me... new creation in Christ... His royal child... yearning to walk by faith... me... carolclare....just smiled , like I had a coat hanger in my mouth. 😊There it was...my dream!!! And He was sending people, godly people, to push me out a little further in faith. Wow!!!

Quickly, I remember asking the Lord specifically to put upon my β™‘ and my mind, those people He wanted to to guide me, practically speaking , on this...now...*well lit* path...πŸ‘£. Psalm 119 vs 105..."Your Word is a lamp to my feet πŸ‘£ and a light πŸŽ‡ to my {carolclare's} path..." 

He immediately answered my faith prayer and many, many more since then.

 Here we are.  This is your very first visit to my second home, the very site He gave me, and that I stretched and enlarged and strengthened my tent for. The Lord and I and, those He sent my way, have been preparing all this for weeks. There has been lots of praying, lots of abundant Heavenly provision, many, many meetings,   many after hours of work...designing, creating, and posting.

All this has been done to invite you to the *manifestation* of that little slip of paper, that I wrapped in Luke 1 vs 37...and dropped into Pastor Jim's basket...one glorious, divinely appointed sunday...a few years ago. 

As I sit here and write this...two days before Thanksgiving 2015...I am reminded...and impressed deep...deep within my  soul...to be thankFULL!!!

Thankful to Pastor Jim for listening to His Lord and leading me and the church family through that particular sermon series. Thankful to Ms Linlee Baugh for guiding me and encouraging me, and being my 2nd set of eyes, during the creation process of this Kingdom site. Thankful to Pastor Brant and Pastor Eric for sheperding me and hedging me in with prayer. Thankful to my husband  and inner circle (km, dz, ra, vp, mc β™‘) and my girls (ac, sc, lc) for keeping this quiet til now and praying for me. Thankful for my children and parents who love me unconditionally and always support me. But...Most of all,,, carolclare is so very thankful...to my Heavenly Father, for this desire He has entrusted to me, has provided for, and will continue to provide for, so that His royal, undeserving, little daughter, and all those in His family can....most assuredly know.....that ..." with God,...carolclare's  God...no-thing is ever impossible!!!! {Luke 1 vs 37} πŸ’›

Blessings to you and may you be fully persuaded in His Word to you.....β™‘