Fully persuaded. ..

Fully persuaded. ..

πŸ’› Psalm 34 vs  17..."When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and delivers them out of ALL their distresses and troubles.."βš“πŸƒ

Wouldnt it be great to be established in our heart and firmly believe this promise of our Lord?  I mean, I love knowing without a doubt that I'm saved now, and as soon as I'm absent from my body, that i, carolclare will indeed be. ..immediately present with my Lord. And I am upright in heart regarding this because It is His very Word to me, starting in John 3:16. I don't go about any of my days wringing my hands about this detail. It is settled to me because my Father has declared it so and I believe it from the innermost part of my being. πŸƒ

And yet, I still stumble and sometimes... alot of times lately...I gasp and fret when a new goliath appears on my path or almost shrink back when I am met with an old goliath, that I thought would have been dealt with by now. You see, like ya'll,  my day starts early, like any good, prepared for battle, soldier should want to do. I seek out my playbook and sit with my cβ˜•ffee, and my playbook,  and my Lord and set about to renew my mind, declare His promises once more over me and mine...and re-establish my heart making it *upright* for my day. Upright biblically equals....coming into more and more working knowledge of His Word and my Kingdom language so as to speak throughout my day to my High priest King Jesus,  most effectively, by speaking the Kingdom language that He is given authority to act upon. I align my thoughts with His thought... by consistent ingesting of the Word. This way a soldier has a King Jesus worldview and not an earthly secular worldview. πŸƒ

Since the beginning of April, our family has incurred two traumatic events. The first one was the rather quicker than anticipated Home going of my father in love. And while many of us are still reeling from this, even though we are greatly comforted knowing that Pop is with Jesus, our flesh still misses him dearly. And then almost on the heels of that, one of my brother in laws was in a horrible motorcycle accident, while on his way back home with his church group,  who had been evangelizing for His Kingdom. His wife and family are so strong and thoroughly depending on the Lord...and as His wife constantly texts in her updates...*all eyes on You, LORD* πŸƒ

So it is with these goliaths and the little every day troubles, that I seem to be a little more tender right now. And just this past week or so, I even had the gumption to do more than I have been doing. Yes  I've still posted every day and worked and taught, but the rest of the time, I have rushed home to be in my quiet home, before my husband  arrives and crawl up in my Daddy's lap...to sit quietly, have some little meltdowns, let Him comb my hairs back down, read His Word desperately like when I was first saved, digging for new manna and old manna I had forgotten...not for any one else but for me, carolclare. I needed and still do... some love and reassuring that He is still on the Throne and His promises can still be salve to my soul and His Word can still be razor sharp swords for carolclare to wield as weapons in her life and as declarations to wield for my brother in law and his wife and their journey right now. Facts are facts but His Word is the Highest Truth in my life and they should be as well, to any other believerπŸƒ

So I am just about ready to scoot out of His lap, from this extended time I have had with Him. And He has fueled my fire with His Word. I am ready to go, sword in hand, all my armour on, and take back some land that the devil is temporarily trying to keep from my brother in law!! And I also want to keep pressing on and declaring over me and mine , that the Joy of the Lord is our strength...and later on we will see Pop again. But for now, there is alot still left to do for His Kingdom. And to tell you the truth, I'm finally fueled up again for my daily assignments. And to do this, ALL of these things, it would be best if I was fully persuaded in more of His Truth. πŸƒ

Psalm 34 vs 17 declares that when His righteous,  His saved children cry out to Him for help...He does hear us!! Period...done...He hears us. Next...He tells us He delivers us....those children that cry out....so newsflash, here's the biblical way to pray this out. All of His promises and declarations  are for His children so 1) get saved...make sure you are born again ... and 2)cry out! And then He promises to deliver us, His little royals... out of ALL ...not some...not the easy ones,...not the quick ones but out of ALL of them. And what are *them*? *Them* are distresses (big or small) and troubles (big or small). We are not to ponder how He will do it...nor when He will do it. Our part is to take this Truth and believe It, plant It in the soil of your heart AND keep It there...don't dig It up with words of doubt, despair, and unbelief. 🌱

Starting now, renew your mind to this verse, rehearse to grow your knowledge of It and then when a new goliath or old goliath crosses your path, don't fret, don't stumble,  don't give up! For we , royal soldier are called to walk by faith (in His Word ) and NOT by sight (what we see or what we still see). Fuel your faith with this Word of His and expect Him to deliver you!! πŸƒ



πŸ’› This is good Friday of the Holy week. The walk to the cross is almost done. Our church likes to call Easter...Resurrection Sunday!


Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Period. And that is enough to be thankful for right there. Praise His Name!! But let's go a little bit further...let's stretch our faith even more and grow in our knowledge of Him and His Word.  Let's pick at the little sore spot on you, that keeps festering up, sticks around even. 🌱

Once we are saved, born again into His Kingdom and made Jesus your Savior and hopefully your Lord...what's next? Let's go back a couple of words...*Lord*...hmmm...*Lord*...Jesus wants to be my Lord in addition to being my Savior. ..hmmm. πŸŒ±

Renewal of your mind and heart is the only way to accomplish this. And it comes at a cost...that's the tricky part. But 0 the power, grace, peace, joy, and His wisdom ...that are the priceless gifts you obtain, here on earth if you choose to execute this process of renewing your mind. Romans 12 vs 2.."Do NOT be conformed to this world 🌎 , but be transformed by {how?}...the renewal of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God is , even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect in His sight for you..."🌱

So for this Holy week and what Easter Son-day  has afforded to us all, and is ours , if we accept Him as our Savior and Lord. ...here is a Truth straight from our soldier manual,  for you to take , renew your mind to, believe,  and now walk accordingly. 🌱 

Ephesians 2 vs 6..."and He raised us (saved royal children ) up together with Him and made us to sit down together  (giving us joint seating with Him) in the heavenly  sphere (by virtue of our being) in Christ Jesus  ( the Messiah,  the Anointed One )... vs 10..for we are God's own handiwork,  recreated in Christ Jesus,  that we may do those good works which God predestined for us, that we should walk in them (the good works) ...vs 19b..you now share citizenship with the saints (God's own people,  consecrated and set apart for Himself); and you belong to God's own household.."🌱 

2 Corinthians 5 vs 17..."Therefore (pay attention, what's this next bit of scripture there for?..) ...so therefore if ANY person is (ingrafted) in Christ  (the Messiah ) he IS a NEW creation (a new creature altogether ); the old (your previous moral and spiritual condition) HAS passed away. Behold !! The FRESH and the NEW has come..." 🌱

So dear royal sibling of mine, when thoughts taunt you, old mindsets are still hanging around...it's because we haven't chosen to *kick them out*...we haven't reminded our adversary of *Who we are now, through our adoption into God's family  and His Kingdom. You and me are now, not later , not when we arrive in heaven, but now...new creatures in Christ! All thinges are new!! He paid the bill, He cleared up our charges, He provided the provision. ..here in this week. It came at the Highest cost too, personally I've never myself, given my life for anyone yet. I mean, I love my two children and would take a bullet for each of them, but as of yet, I've not been called to do that. And in particular, i have not personallly known anybody who suffered and gave his life the way Jesus willingly chose to suffer for us.  He was unjustly arrested and tried for no reason at all. Then he was stripped, whipped, beaten so that he was unrecognizable,  and then was told, ordered even, to take up the heavy, unsanded, brutal wooden cross, lay it on His bloodied, torn up back and carry it to the site of his crucifixion.  And once there, lay down on it, don't move, and let horrid evil Roman soldier's drive...wildly hammer huge railroad type nails ..without sedatives of any kind...into his hands and feet. Once that was done, he was slung upwards to slam the cross in its hole in the ground, and he hung from the nails in his body on that cross til he breathed his last...for you and me and  whoever else wanted to choose Life one day. 🌱

So lets not waste all the provision He has afforded to us, His adopted family. Go all in!! This is where the power to your every day walk here on planet earth comes  from-to the degree of your working knowledge  of His Word.  Get in your manual and find out just *who you are now, through Christ " Just like these verses declare , you are NOW seated,  as a joint heir, in Heavenly places with Jesus. You are a NEW creature now, not a made over creature, nor a semi made over new creature.  Nope, you are NEW and get this...old things (bad habits, bad traits, strongholds, punishment due you...all of its power over you, is gone, stripped away by Jesus!! Completely canceled out. The trick here is...when you get born again but refuse to read the *new Heavenly written, Holy Ghost inspired* owner's manual. .. you are lacking the knowledge of who you actually are now, plus the knowledge of Christ's finished work at the cross and His Power available to us through our knowledge and full persuasion in His Word, to  which God responds to our faith in His Word...and He sends us grace and power to help us walk in this newness of Life. Let's say that I said bad words alot before I was born again...the  verses above are telling me that... new carolclare...  royal carolclare... doesn't do this anymore, I mean I'm royal now and I shouldn't walk that  way anymore nor should I desire to do this torrid habit anymore. It is unbecoming to who I am now. But if I don't learn who I am, keep reminding myself of who I am now, then, it looks like some poor little orphan, who was rescued,  adopted,  brought into the palace of the King and shown around. From there I was thrown into a tub of water to clean me up (baptism, word of God too)...my old outer garments were not just thrown out but put into the incenerator to be rid of. I was dressed in new royal garments, and fed til I was satisfied and shown to bed , to rest well as His child.But upon the rising of the sun  the very next day, I push all of this aside, my new heritage,  my new family, my new Father, my new home, my new clothes...and I ran out back in my royal jammies, and frantically search through the putrid cans of trash, wanting to find my dingy, tattered *old carolclare* garments, wanting to put them back on, because that's what I'm *comfortable* with, that's what I'm used to...? That is the image and identity I still have in my newly adopted mind... UghhhhπŸ™ˆπŸ˜” 

Jesus paid a high price to afford you a Victorious life here on earth. Now, don't misunderstand me...life here on planet earth is pretty darn cursed. And it's gets worse every minute. But we are in His Kingdom now. He is our King and His Kingdom is our Source now. Circumstances may come, in fact they will come, especially for those who follow King Jesus outloud and aren't ashamed of it. These are the soldiers that the adversary wants to defeat, he wants to discourage these, he wants to trip them up and keep them in strife. Why..? Because, Heaven knows these are the ones who know the Word and are lighting fires πŸ”₯ in those around them...to find His Word,  take His Word and make it theirs too. The adversary knows the power of the Word,  and he hates It. 

So, soldier. ..listen up, here's some good news. You are a NEW creature *in Christ* ...brand NEW!! I love that !!! And old things have passed away...old yucky sinful unroyal habits, mindsets, strongholds have passed away. But just like any unwanted, uninvited stranger in your home...someone who is not family and certainly doesn't need to be there...you would immediately *put* them out...show them the door...adios amigos!!! When we keep on doing those old ways....we let them have power in our life. But when you and i renew our mind, and just like that unwanted stranger, you stop this nonsense once and for all...you keep the power of said old habits at bay. Just like learning any new habit...say learning to drive..at first it was weird, scary and even felt unnatural to you. But, the more you practiced, and read and memorized the manual for driving ...the more natural it became  to you and the more proficient your driving skills became. 

So, like anything else that you value and prioritize in your life...put value on His Word.  For It is Life to you. Believe Him when He says, you are New...old things have passed away...so walk accordingly and kill off those old ways, let them know they are unwanted and powerless due to Christ!! Don't be like that orphan I mentioned above. Don't get up each day and put back on your old ways for by this you acknowledge them. It's like saying  I'll never change...my family has always done this so I can't help it. Wrong. Put on your royal clothes, sit with Him and His Word early each day. And know you have been set apart for His royal army. You are called-  dear soldier- to walk out His planned assignments for you. And since He has called you, He has appointed you and He has also paved the road...and will provide whatever it is you need to accomplish each and every assignment,  if you'll just accept...and trust Him/Word and obey Him/Word. By doing this....you will be so much stronger, mightier, and more proficient at *soldiering*  if you will just read and believe your Owner's πŸ‘‘β˜ heavenly manual. 

So, Happy Resurrection Day to all!!! May we all renew our minds and hearts even more this Easter. He paid too high a price for us to be saved but still walk as the world does. May the rest of 2016 be spectacular and Power filled for you. And may so many see you walking in such a way, that they want to find out the secret to your soldier walk and desire to have this same walk for themselves. 

Praise His Name !!! πŸŒ±πŸ‘‘β˜πŸ’›πŸƒ Through Christ,  may new ways, more Royal ways...come *ALIVE* for you, royal soldier...

πŸ’›. .through..

πŸ’›. .through..

πŸ’› Psalm 23 vs 4.."Yes, though I walk THROUGH the (deep, sunless) valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread NO evil , for You are with me; Your rod (to protect) and Your staff (to guide), they comfort me.."

This is a treasured and *close to my side* sword, that I dare not leave home without, as His soldier. It has again, become quite valued to me, as of late. in  my own personal life and in some of my friends and family I am praying for, and I am also using it lift up a dear lady and her family right now...Joey Feek...her husband Rory...their daughters Indiana,  Hopie, and Heidi.

If you really sit and chew up this verse to us, His children (that's a key)...light bulbs go off as His Spirit guides you into His wisdom. To begin with, His promises are for His children. There is a distinct difference between creation and children. All people are His creation, but not all people are His children yet. He has provided Salvation for all, but it is up to each person to have that moment where they truly and individually make Jesus the Lord of their life. John 3 vs 16.." for God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He (even) gave up His only begotten Son , so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, and relies on) Him shall NOT perish but have eternal (Everlasting ) life.." 

Here He is saying that His royal children while  still on earth. ..are walking in a deep, sunless, valley of the shadow of death.There's  a whole lot of hopelessness in that one sentence. πŸ˜©πŸ˜” Or is there..?? I adored English in school and not just the creative writing part. I loved the simplicity of conquering a sentence by slicing it up into nouns, subject, verb, adverbs, prepositions, and adjectives.  It always helped  me understand the meaning of whatever i was reading if I dissected it first. And in studying my playbook,  the bible, I do the same with It. I look up all the references to any verse I'm reading or chapter I'm reading. And this is no small matter but the reward faaaaaaarrrrr outweighs the cost of my time and effort, because His Word becomes so muchmore real and personal to me His daughter. I glean so much more this way. And in doing so, when life hits me...walks right up to me...square in the face...I have this already in place... a *reserve* of His very promises... of love, victory, and deliverance to draw from. Like when I was talking yesterday with a group of strong royal Kingdom sisters, and praying for so many needs and was reminded to say,,,"one of my favorite stories to read and still study is about my brother Daniel. ..and how some still say...poor Daniel when the King threw him into the den...and because of the repetition of sitting with my Father so many times and hearing this story ...carolclare now says... Poor Lion!!!.." 

  Once we become His children πŸ‘‘ , we are generally not called home to Heaven. Nope, we are left here to walk in this cursed, dark, sinful, messed up, weary, world. That's why He calls the earth,  where we are walking...the valley of the shadow of death.  Our adversary has a sort of contract or amount of time left to his partial power in this world. Now hear me, he, our adversary,  does not have ALL power, nor power throughout every level of heavens into all of the universe. And praise God,  there is a time limit on it. And as His children we have much Supernatural power and aid available to us. As His children, we are called to walk by faith (Romans 1 vs 17...) and we are to walk in faith in our Father and His sure Word to us. And because of our faith in His Word. ..He covers us and our situation in His grace. This is the *Supernatural * that He provides. There is only limited, and I mean very limited , answers and provision we can accomplish on our own. But O my, when we , His children find a golden nugget of promise in His Word and use it in our situations,  He shows up! Ours is not to figure it out, or demand how and when it will be fixed...we are called to find His Word to us, believe,  trust, stand upon It in faith, and then just wait for Him to lead us out. 

 And how do I know this..? I've come to use His Word consistently in my life and He has not failed me.  Some deliverance comes quickly and some takes awhile, but He always makes a way. So let's go back to our key verse. Psalm 23 vs 4a.."Yes, though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death. .."....our Sheperd is leading us out of the circumstance. ..not forgetting us, not saying stop and I'm going to go on without your dear lamb. Nope, He always comes back for us if we stray, waiting for us to call Him to save us...but make no mistake, He has done the pursuing. And the other setting could be, you have stayed close to the Shepherd,  and life still happens, it's a messed up world, but no fear, He saw it coming before you did, and He knows exactly how to lead you to higher and better pasture. Just stay close by, follow, don't question...that will put you in a pity party...keep on trusting, keep on believing He knows the way out and He has not left you. If He has said you are going through...then you are going through this to the other side. Just hang on. 

 And soon enough, the dark, lonely, twisting path will open up to wider, green, picked out by your Shepherd. ..pastures. And I'm finding out more and more that going through these briar ridden paths, with a pasture at the end, has afforded to me in my life to, simply put, sharpen, hone, and maximize my faith in my Shepherd and what He absolutely is able to do for me while still here *in this valley of the shadow of death*. I hopefully come out of each experience with a more fine tuned ear to His voice above all other voices and noises in my life and a much more fully persuaded heart that is established on His Word to me. I believe this is His desire for each of His soldiers.

 So may we , like Joey Feek and her family, be steadfastly determined to follow our Shepherd. out into the pastures of provision He has planned for each of us, knowing He knows exactly where He is leading and it's for our best. I believe He is leading lovely Joey Feek to her pasture of healing whether it's here on earth or with Him in heaven. And this gives me hope and peace and a calmness nothing else can supply. I praise Him for the valleys He has led me through and His promise to always do this for His child. So, if you're in a bind right now, no matter how you got there, call out for Him, stand on His Word  expectantly,  and then be still...He's on His way to scoop you up and lead you *through*. 

 One more thing, after you watch both...yep...I posted 2 videos this time...so after you watch both videos...maybe before you go to bed tonight , you could  hit your knees and you could lift up Joey and her husband Rory and their baby Indiana, and their 2 big girls...Hopie and Heidi...to the throne of grace.  I'm sure they would be so grateful to you. {Learn more @roryandjoey instagram, anyone can look at it}. And remember,  He is with you, dear child. Call out to Him and He will walk you *through*. May you be blessed by this blog and the videos below. πŸ‘‘β˜πŸ’›πŸƒ

πŸ’› more jβ™‘y...

πŸ’› more jβ™‘y...

πŸ’› Nehemiah 8 vs 10..."And be not grieved and depressed; for the JπŸ’›Y of The Lord IS your strength.."

Here we are in the second month of the new year, 2016, and perhaps those new habits, disciplines, rituals of better eating, an addition of a fitness regime, better sleep habits, tweaking your budget by shedding some lifestyle habits, purging closets of excessive clothes and shoes, and/or spending more time with Him...in His Word. ..soaking it up ....and whoops...it just didn't play out like you planned. 

Life happened, didn't it..? We live in a cursed, fallen, sinful world. And when pressures come and there's a pinch somewhere in our life...whether it be in our family, or our workload, or a doctors report, or something as simple as our own feelings getting hurt...and not dealing with them...our feelings...biblically, it shakes out the same, we get tripped up again. Well, the adversary doesn't have any new tricks. He's watching, stalking us, especially us...those pesky little Kingdom Kids. O, he hates us. And when he takes notice or one of his little demons reports back to him that one of those *Royals* are trying to be more Kingdom in some area of our lives...then here he goes. He knows our weaknesses,  by observing us...not being omniscient.  And so, when we vow at the beginning of the year, to tweak an area in our Kingdom life here on earth...he sends out a troop of little demons to attack, frustrate, distract us even, so that we will, without even thinking, say.. .."ughhh, this is just too hard, I can't do this...like I had hoped.." And once again we give up,,and walk away from our resolution, perhaps not even thinking..."hey, wait a minute, that's just the dark side pestering me, trying to cloud my thinking, distract me even, from becoming more disciplined in my soldier life" "So, devil, get on out of here, that doesn't work anymore, because I'm a new creature in Christ! "

So, just like the 12 apostles, after the resurrection,  had become hopeless, depressed even because their Leader, the Anointed One they had followed closely for 3 years was, to their knowledge,  dead and buried in a borrowed tomb...they thought...Now what? So, turning to the leader, Peter, they went back to their old jobs, forgetting Jesus' words to them and any hope His Word had offered to them. So, just like these men, when life happens, when things come, goliaths appear...we can be tempted to *naturally* do or revert back to our old ways, because that is what we know, that is what comforts us, so that we don't have to deal with an issue. Some people,  when confronted with a problem, go eat ...alot...or they go shop...alot...or take back up that drinking or smoking because all of this numbs us, distracts us, and buries the goliath that is still taunting us.  It's easy, because these habits which the world offers, even implies that we deserve to do what feels good, no guard rails at all, Simply put, we revert back and do what seems natural, what you are accustomed to doing. What this example points out is...whatever we do, over and over, good or bad, Kingdom or unkingdom. ..in our everyday lives...will be easy and *natural* for us to do. So, it goes to reason, that if we would just  take on a new Kingdom habit, and *keep* with it...it will too, in turn, become *natural* to us. Unfortunately,  this doesn't always happen and we/I can give up too easily.

The vicious cycle starts...tired of old ways... want to get rid of a bad habit that is simply dragging you down...make a plan....start the plan...demons take notice...demons slink back to the adversary and tattle on you...devil pulls out same old battle plan...boom πŸ’₯ ....first chance you get...your *in control flesh* cries *Wah*... and you stop your plan...and slump away...bitter and depressed and perhaps even thinking...this is how it's going to be. I'll never change...it's too hard...at least I don't do ______________(fill in the blank), making your flesh feel better. Then stop on the way home to pick up some cartons of Ben + Jerry's or _____________(fill in the blank)...and just settle back in to the way things were before you tried to improve. Sigh 😩

 But our playbook, soldier's manual, tells us...you and me differently. Let's go back to Nehemiah.  In the eighth chapter, long about verse 10b...the Lord tucked away a golden nugget of great provision for His royals. Let's read..."And be NOT grieved {say your name, carolclare} and depressed,...why???...for the JOY of the Lord IS your {say your name, carolclare} strength and your stronghold..!" Glory, that's some dynamite Word for us, if we find it, read it, figure it out, believe it, acknowledge this Word as Truth now, and act upon It. You might ask, what does this look like, practically speaking?

 Well, it's the middle of February and the new discipline in your life is already like a mountain in your life. For instance, to put up more guardrails in your daily nutrition choices, you have decided to delete sweet snacks. You can still have your 3 meals a day and a snack option but the snack has to be a nutritious option that fuels you better than a sugary sweet snack. And so, you make a meal plan for each week, and shop according to said menu plan, and even make your lunches for the upcoming week, and go to bed on Sunday night...all content inside because of the preparation you have taken to implement this lifestyle choice you have made to enhance the soldiering in your pilgrim life here on earth.

 Monday morning comes and you are working smoothly at your job, lunchtime comes and you are satisfied with your handmade lunch...and you go back to work...pleased and pondering your 2pm. snack break of a high octane, protein packed, treat that is awaiting you. And then it happens...someone in the office has a birthday and a big cake is wheeled out for all to enjoy. πŸŽ‚πŸ΄Yay!!  πŸ˜¨


So what do you do? Old you wouldn't want to hurt the sweet little birthday girl's feelings and say no thank you...or have to explain to everyone as they eat their slices of cake..."what's wrong, you not feel good today?"...knowing they'll say.."O come on, one little slice won't hurt...come on." And now, you do kinda want a piece, what's the harm...I'll just eat less supper tonight...you ponder, ya know, those old rerun thoughts that have kept you from making this choice of a new habit, not actually becoming a natural day to day change in your life. 

So here's the difference this time...the end of the line...the *okay you flesh of mine, you lose this time...there's a new Word in town...and I have His promise to me that says...Phillipians 4 vs 13..."I have strength for all things in Christ, Who empowers me ... (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self sufficient in Christ's sufficiency)  And you dear sweet immature, flesh of mine are not in charge anymore, and the answer is "No, to the cake.."...and you, dear sweet coddled immature flesh will be just fine. In fact, all is well...!! His promise to me and you is...Christ has already infused us with power and discipline to say no βœ‹ to this piece of birthday cake. And before this cake popped up on the radar...our Savior had already provided a promise from Him..that is Truth and power to those who know and believe.  And just like when you were little and for me, anyway, were in second grade...learning cursive...and wrote and wrote and practiced my penmanship til those letters in the alphabet looked more and more beautiful and soon, my writing in cursive was easier and more natural because of the repetition and my confidence in writing in cursive in all areas of my homework just followed naturally, so much so, that I didn't write in the old way by just printing my letters but i chose to make cursive my new style of everyday writing for me.

I truly believe that, His grace and power that backs up each written Word of His promises...shows up supernaturally,  upon the moment (s) our heart truly recalls a verse buried deep within our heart's soil,and in turn, leans upon wholeheartedlyin His Word during each crisis or mountain we face. Just like in Joshua 3 vs 13.."when the soles of the feet πŸ‘£ of the priests who bear the ark of the Lord of all the earth shall rest (touch..) in the (waters of) Jordan, the waters of the Jordan, coming down from above shall be cut off and they shall stand in one heap..." In other words, the priests led the way of the people,  and when their feet. ..stepped into the large not small, waters of the Jordan...the Lord caused the waters to split and rise up on ether side to make a way, a clear way, a surefooted,  dry way for God's people to use as a way of escape...deliverance so to speak.  And as they passed through. ..this wasn't a short quick little renegade of people. this was the group who had not died in the desert, and were entering the *promised land* ....the priests stayed in the river bed...keeping their soles in this spot...to keep the waters at bay per the Lord's instructions.  Now this is for another time, but as His saved children, we are now *a Royal priesthood* 1 Peter 2 vs 9. And as His saved child, His Spirit dwells within us (ark of the covenant ), now...1 Corinthians 3 vs 16.  

So, take His Word personally...as His instructions and declarations to you, Royal child....and when you decide to follow His lead and start toward your own *promised land*...be it...better nutrional choices, carving out time for His Word,  or once and for all...shedding that bad habit...stepping up your game as a wifey or husband, or mommy or daddy, or student or employee...do any of this by using your faith. Step up to your opponent...stick your foot out...go forward in faith in His Word to you..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and just wait and watch for Him to empower you supernaturally.  Our part is to find Word and believe Word. ..His part is to supply, make a way, do the impossible. ..the Supernatural. ..that's all on Him. He can still part waters, He can be with you in the fire and lead you out ...without you even smelling like the fire πŸ”₯ Daniel 3 vs 26-27. 

And just the way we learned our old natural ways by watching and copying the way the world handles things...patterns and fallback and mindsets and all of them became natural patterns in our old unsaved, unroyal day to day lives...so too...these new, chain freeing,  abundant life, royal, Kingdom ways can become natural and our new... *go to* habits for us now. But it takes two. The Lord has supplied the promises...we supply the Faith and the trust and then...once He sees us sticking our little foot out there ...in belief...He supplies the power...the super-natural power behind His Word that does not return void..Isaiah 55 vs 11...and miracles happen, paths are revealed to our sight, opponents flee,  torrential waters move away, and mountains become climbable...πŸŒ„ 

  And this dear Royal child...this showing up of His power in your daily life...is what causes your *strength* to abound, despite the time of day, or lack of sleep, or running low on fuel in your body. You end up discovering that the *JOY* of knowing what the Lord can do for you and in turn, experiencing Him working for you in difficult situations, that seemed nigh on impossible. ...causing paths to be cleared, enemies to tuck tail and run, and locked doors to suddenly become unlocked....this JOY will become a strength and sure and steady stronghold for you to cling to and never depart. What's also fantastic is, He doesn't stop. He wants to keep on being your way maker, your refuge, your path carver, and your Stronghold from now on to eternity.  This is why..."the JOY of the Lord  (and ALL He can do and is always able to do without slowing up or running out of fuel Himself) is yours and my strength and stronghold!!" Praise His Name!! πŸ‘‘β˜

So cling to Him, dig in His Word for more wisdom, truths, ways to conduct your royal life, and promises of what He can do for you, here on earth. And then, as people take notice of your Joy and stamina ...and ask "what is keeping you going?"...reply..."The JOY of my Lord is my Strength and my stronghold. .!"πŸ’›

πŸ’› His Word

πŸ’› His Word

πŸ’› Isaiah 40 vs 8.."The grass withers, the flower fades, BUT the Word of our God will stand forever.." πŸ„πŸŒΎπŸŒ»πŸ‚πŸƒ

His Word. ...His Words...what do they mean to you? Well, if you're a child of His now...you've been *born again* and adopted into His family...He's your Daddy now...then they should mean a great deal. 

I know you mommies will get this...from the time that baby of yours is in the womb...you start speaking to him/her...because you love them already and too...to comfort them and train them to discern your voice above all the other voices once they are out of your womb. And we do this for our love and devotion to them....in the womb and starting day one...when they make their grand entrance at birth. We continue this because of our great love for them and devotion towards them and also for their protection. Let's get real, besides the Lord,there is no one else who has our children's very best interest at heart except for the parents. And even so, some children grow up with parents with not so great motives because of how their childhood had been. 

I have been given SO much goodness from my Father...starting with the parents He chose for me. O my, there is not enough time or ink or battery life in my tablet to tell you how faithful, diligent, loyal, loving, forgiving, patient, giving, generous, and full of Kingdom grace....my earthly parents are and continue to be towards me and mine. πŸ’• And because of this undeserved goodness the Lord has lavishly wrapped my very life in...it has been quite easy to make the transition into maturing my faith...growing from the milk to the meat of His Word. To whom much is given...much is expected. Besides an unquenchable passion for His Word...this calling to serve up Faith and disciple through working knowledge of His Word to my fellow royal soldiers is hopefully the desired *return* on the goodness the Lord has put me steward over, while on this earth. And so, because my earthly father was faithful to me...consistent in His walk, and what He said he would do...whatever the task...big or small...did not matter. He would promptly do it, do it well, unto the Lord, practicing these ways to my apprentice eyes and did not fail on keeping promises. So, as a new royal child of God...the bar had been set already...and I, in turn, latched onto faith...maybe a little mightier, passionately,  and radically...because this had already been walked out in my life through the discipline I witnessed in my daddy's relationship with me.  

I gr ew up watching old shows on nick at night. One was called Dragnet. Before a new shift of men started their time on the clock...there was a meeting of all, with the head detective going over the shifts assignments. ..pairing up partners...handing out details...and reminding them of Who they were and who they represented on the streets. The policemen and detectives didn't just clock in and grab a gun, grab a set of keys, jump in a squad car and see what the day presented. ..O no, they stepped into their shift...organized, assigned, matched up, knowing again who they were, what they dominion was...who they represented, and the power and *authority * that belonged to them.

 OK now...here's a suggestion. ..a tested and true Word from me to you- whatever your day is going to present to you, throw at you, harass you with or even greatly bless you with...the best and most efficient way to *handle* the events...is to know you are not alone and He has the most amazing and surefooted way to maneuver you through it all...good and bad...maintaining your lot (peace, joy, health, soul life, marriage, children, calling...) all the while.

My advice and strong pleadings to you and even still to myself is to learn the *sound * of His Voice. And from His Voice comes....wait for it....yep...His Words to you and me. Okay, I hear ya, how on earth do I do that? First thing is find out where He speaks, always and abundantly....specifically. .. in the bible. I was taught early on ...to read the psalm and proverb chapter cooresponding to the date...like January 29th... would mean reading psalm chapter 29 and proverb chapter 29. What's interesting is that the entire book of Proverbs is never longer than the longest month sooooo...the Lord must think we need to run through the book of proverbs over and over again during our lifetime. It sure doesn't hurt, since It is the book of wisdom...His wisdom. Now psalms, on the other hand, has 150 chapters, so I keep track and go through all 150 before starting over...that's where my journal writing comes in handy. 

 Now back to training our ears or better put, our spirit to hearing His voice throughout our day. If you start reading psalms and proverbs consistently,  certain verses will stick out or light up or speak to your heart as you read them. Take note, that is Him...emphasizing a specific portion of His Word that you need right now. So I always highlight it, make a note in my journal, write it on an index card to start carrying that very day, so as to memorize it, feed on it , and bury it deep in my πŸ’› and determine in my πŸ’› and mind, that no matter the circumstance that will appear...not if...but will appear and people's unintentional fear words, plus old habitual unrenewed minded thought patterns that I haven't scoured out of my mind yet...I determine to rehearse this verse over and over ...trumping what I hear and see. Once this process starts becoming effective in your pilgrim, royal walk, He will certainly add more verse to your Kingdom file system you are *rebooting* your mind with...so go for it!! Faith...Faith children should always endeavor to grow in more and more of His knowledge and wisdom. That way when goliaths appear in your life...His Word will be drawn up from your vibrant Kingdom πŸ’› spontaneously and it will now be *natural* for you to hear Him and then speak this outloud...to the goliath. I know some of you are scratching your heads, thinking no way... But let me tell you, when the tough comes around in the worldly man's life...I've heard him talk and scream and curse over and over. As His children, we should be the ones the worldly ones and baby christians should be looking to...for a way out ...an answer. And that's what leads to my next point. After you've invested His Word into your β™‘ and now life...He doesn't just want us to be Victorious! O, no...He wants us to share this knowledge. I'll look at my life for you. First and foremost,  as a mama...part, not all, but right after my own walk with Him...I am called to be responsible for who and what He has given me stewardship over. And at the top of my list are...my two children....no matter how old they are...I'm still their mama til the Lord calls me home. And right after my children is my husband. After all 3 of them... comes the rest of my family, then ministry and those He allows me to teach and lead and mentor. So all of this planting of His Word 🌱 is for others not just carolclare.  

  Now let's get a little deeper. I think by now, if you have spent anytime on my site and reading my blog and reading my posts on my Instagram,  you have noticed a habit of where I constantly remind us to say your name in His Word,  once you are born again.  This is something I've done for years and taught my own 2 children first and now many more. When I read outloud each morning...my verses and favorite swords and put on my armour, I always say my name and my family's name. I would feel incomplete and undressed, literally,  each day if I did not do this now. There is a cost to it, I get up early enough to manage this and eat breakfast and get ready for my work day. But this morning meeting with Him is first. Just like on Dragnet...I'm hearing Him remind me of who carolclare is now, what He promises to do for carolclare today, and the power and authority He has in my life and the power and authority carolclare has available to wield by using His Word to defeat goliaths in each of her days.

 I have to be transparent here, carolclare has some goliaths right now, that's right some...not just one  goliath,...and though they haven't completely gone away...I get up each day...pull out my playbook and let Him speak to me. So during my day when things happen, and doubts still creep into my head, and even people say fear words to me, I smile inside because I can already hear Him saying..."carolclare,  I know what you see right now...that's the natural facts (makes carolclare think of the spies who didn't believe God and spoke fear when they returned to their people)...but you are a little royal sister of Joshua and Caleb. ..and as such...My Words are the Higher Truth in your life now...so keep your focus on Me. These goliaths will soon fade away, keep walking and talking by Faith...and watch Me turn this thing...around for you, because of your faith in Me." 

 And so I do. I endeavor to walk and talk by faith each day, each moment...holding my ground til His provision shows up. There are many verses I am using and wielding right now...in light of these specific goliaths. I'll give you one. Isaiah 43 vs 1b-3a..."I have called you, carolclare,  by your name; you carolclare are Mine! When you, carolclare,  pass through the waters 🌊 , I WILL be with you, carolclare,  ....and they will NOT overwhelm you, carolclare.  Vs 3...for I am the Lord your God , the Holy One of Israel,  your...carolclare's Savior!!" There have been and will probably be more moments where I feel the pressure of circumstances. ..even though I've prayed and prayed and still no relief is in sight, and my eyes fill up so that I almost think I'm going under...but that's exactly when my High Priest. ..reminds my Father...and I hear His Word to me...right then...right there...wherever. ..at home alone...in a Walmart line...driving home from work...doesn't matter...His presence rushes in and reminds me of The Truth in my life now. He says..."carolclare,  I'm in the high, turbulent waters with you, I'm swimming. ..you just cling to my neck...and I'll get us BOTH to the other side.  You just cling and let me do the heavylifting...I got this sweetie.  " And you know what, I've got pages and pages of notes where He has never failed carolclare.  I've never drowned yet. He has always brought me to the other side even though it was usually highly turbulent.  He took the brunt of it...He paddled,  He swam, He got most of the waters splashed into His face not mine...because as I've learned to believe His Word quicker in situations,  I can rest by just hanging on to His neck. And that is truly what honors Him, when we take Him at His Word.  

 So don't believe what the adversary says to you, He is the father of lies, so that's even a waste of time. Get into your playbook.  Tune your spirit to His voice so that no matter where you're at or who else is talking to you...you hear Him, above all the othere voices...above all the noises  screaming for your attention... And you hear Him,  your Creator, your Father, The One Who loves you the very most, with  the strongest and most powerful voice, so that you believe Him and keep your peace and joy til *the turbulence * passes. Just like those detectives gathered before their shift even started, to receive instructions... and reminders of Who their partner was (we now have His Spirit inside of us as our partner, are you relying  on Him?)...and the authority and power now available to them...start your Kingdom soldier day this way. I have learned the hard way, if I don't do this discipline, if I don't *run* my day...the day ends up *running* me. And that's no fun...I'm on * defense* all day...when , in fact, I should be ready, equipped and *on offense* each day. I should be chasing the adversary and NOT the adversary chasing carolclare.  

 May we all endeavor to hear more and more of Him in our lives, He has the best of everything for us, way more than the world can offer. Also, ladies, cover your children and Husband this way. I remind Him and myself, when I say, "as for me, carolclare,  and her house ...we SHALL serve The Lord..." I ask Him every morning to somehow make it so that His voice is the loudest, clearest , and only voice my 2 children and husband hear and follow, and thus, serve. May all our homes be this way. Truly, His is the only Voice that speaks deliverance,  Victory, and Life. 🌲 

πŸ’› Life...

πŸ’› Life...

Jeremiah 17 vs 7-8. .."Most blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, AND relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is. For He shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river, and it shall not see and fear when heat comes ; but it's leaf shall be green ; and it shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought,  nor shall it cease yielding fruit..."πŸŒ²πŸŒ±πŸƒ

This has been one of my dailies for many years now, some days more precious than others. To be sure, now is one of those times. So to shore myself up...and to encourage you....I'll unpack this promise a little bit today. 

Upon inspection, I always notice that this tree 🌲 was *planted* by someone Who lβ™‘ved the tree...at its beginning...🌱. So at our moment of salvation, I believe the Lord, Who loves us in an Everlasting way, is mindful of where we are and orchestrates those people He wants around us to mentor us and sheperd us and love us on our path to growing up to be a big solid full of Life tree...🌲. 

Now, salvation, upon our acceptance, was all provided through Christ at the cross. Our sanctification,  our growing up into a mature, Word minded, renewed minded, strong Christian Kingdom Royal child of the Most High God,  is a partnership. We must walk and grow in His Word and walk , talk, think, act as Kingdom as possible. But the rate at which we do this is up to us. We must endeavor to do this as our number one priority in Life. 🌲

Let's look at vs 7..."Most blessed is the man {royal child of His} who believes in, trusts in, relies on the Lord, AND whose hope and confidence the Lord is. .."  You can be saved, royally adopted, translated into His Kingdom and still... not be this kind of *blessed*. Well, I think it's safe to say we all... want to be this *full of Life...thriving not just surviving, Uber Blessed child of the Most High God*... ? πŸŒ²

So our Loving Father, King of our new Kingdom, is gracious enough to give us the answer to the questions on our growing up test. He is saying to me, each time I read this outloud, because "faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God " ... Romans 10 vs 17, ...carolclare, for your very best day, for the health of your soul this day...your mind's health, your will's health, and your emotion's health...I'm asking you to believe Me, believe My Words to you, trust in Me and My Words, rely heavily on Me and My Words to you, and be so fully persuaded by them, that you and I know...that your hope and your confidence are in Me and in My Words. 

So, I know this much...I must go and search and read and dig and find Words of His throughout my bible...my new manual for my Kingdom living down here on earth. And that is key...no Word...no confidence and hope in Him, little Word, little confidence in Him, but MUCH Word...found and treasured and hidden in my β™‘ and MUCH confidence and MUCH hope in Him. And I can't be lame and say, yeah, but Father, there's just not enough time...?  To which He raises an eyebrow 😞😌 ...and responds,..."but carolclare,  you always have enough time and even make time for that which your heart longs for..." And I slump πŸ˜”...ashamed, knowing He is right. And so, I make time...for His Word. ..keep that time as precious,  defend that time...as my date with Him...no matter what...because I want to be that tree in verse 8....and make my Daddy smile!!🌲  

And I dig and dig for more verses, I bury and bury, I speak and talk them all throughout my day...I write them down in journals and on index cards...so as to build up my spirit man and let my worldly flesh know, you big baby...you're not in charge anymore. ..there's a new King in town. And His Word goes!!! What He says...carolclare does...What He says He can do for carolclare. ..I believe and He will...who He says carolclare is now...I am...and what He says carolclare, through Christ,  can do, she will...gosh darn it!! So devil, look out...you're kicked out, your lies don't work here anymore...so just slink on out of here, because Jesus has declared you are ALREADY defeated in my life now!!!

Woo!! That will fire anybody up...πŸ”₯ Let's keep going. So the order is...be saved...then grow up in your spirit man through working knowledge of Him and His Word. ..in order to be blessed. And why should we want to be blessed?? Well, not just to be fat and happy all the day long, like the world and baby Christian's think. O, no...we should desire to THRIVE,...to be blessed or grown up and developed in every area of our Kingdom lives, in order to handle our days, to soldier well... not just ho hum, kinda ok,...but slay the demons, kick the defeated devil in the mouth each and everyday. ..through Christ, and  to draw others {unsaved, and unrenewed minded double minded world minded baby christians} to Christ and the vibrant, strong Life available to us and them right now...before we depart to Heaven!  πŸŒ²

Now, if we stay fresh and green and attached to His Word daily...we can be that tree in verse 8. We can be planted through Salvation next to Living waters 🌊🌊 and if we choose , by our daily commitment to remain by His Living waters...by reading and memorizing His Word,  by attending a Word church every Sunday morning,  attend sunday school, maybe even study ahead for sunday school...just saying...that's not just an option for the teachers... and have study time with Him daily... at the least, and even study over the past sundays sermon...there are so many opportunities available to us to do...to grow ourselves up into a strong sibling of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  But the commitment is ours. ..it's up to you and me. 🌲

Just like in the natural,  when a little tree is planted near an endless supply of water and nutrients...the little tree is able to grow roots πŸŒ±πŸƒπŸƒ and as the roots grow thicker ...they can grow stronger to reach out even more ...spread out, as this Word declares, so as to support a larger tree. And His Word then declares that this growing, nourished, full of Life, vibrant , green tree will not even see or fear when heat 🌞πŸ”₯πŸŒ…πŸ”₯🌞 comes ...but instead...in spite of this intense heat...the very leaves of this tree will remain green...full of life, vibrant, healthy, stable. And this tree...still growing roots...in what..? ...the Everlasting waters of God... taken from His very Word. ...this tree 🌱🌲will NOT be anxious and FULL of care (s) in the year of drought (lack in any way in any area)...nor shall this tree...cease...forsake...stop...HALT βœ‹ ...yielding fruit in its lifetime!!! 🍎🍏

 O, I could write pages...talk for days on this piece of His Word right here...but let me conclude. Just like when you are in that relationship with THE ONE....and you know sweet sister of mine that He is THE ONE...and now you're engaged too...πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’ ...whether the 2 of you are together at the moment or not, doesn't matter...both of your thoughts are on the other...for sure! But especially,  when you 2 are in the same room, with a crowd or a few people, it would not matter , I know for certain my eyes were always on my husband to be...didn't matter who else was present...a dancing pink and purple elephant 🐘...whose head was on fire  could have walked in the room...danced around us...jumped up and down...and still I would not have even known...for my eyes πŸ‘€πŸ’• were *on* ...fixed...staid...glued to...my lβ™‘ve! Period! End of story! 

Well, dear royal child, when you get tired of unstability, double mindedness,  a weary soul, tapped out emotions, ...get re-planted...🌱 Decide to go back to your First Lβ™‘ve...Him πŸ‘‘β˜ ...and stay planted ...🌱 ...drink in His Living waters 🌊🌊 . The *fuller* you become and remain full from His very Word. ..the less *hungry* you will be ...for anything the world offers...funny how that works. So, when you're still scrambling and not satisfied,...step back from the *buffet* of what the world offers...push back your chair. ..rise up...and go to His banquet table 🍴🍞🍏🍎🍴..set for you and all His royal children {psalm 23 vs 5} . Sit down and stay awhile...return often...  And be assured, that as you practice this...your heart and eyes will be fixed on Him and His voice...that will speak to you inside your spirit throughout your days...so that, just like when I was betrothed to my now husband...didn't matter and doesn't matter what is going on around us...He is ALL we see and He is ALL we hear. So now...we are planted, we know our Source! And even if heat comes...pressures, distress, strife, lack, problems, goliaths...small and big...these things are real but...BUT...our God...our Source is BIGGER AND GREATER!!! And like His Word declares...our need is met ...straight out of His provision. ..coming from His Heavenly Kingdom...He can and will *keep* you and me...*preserve* us...*protect and defend* us...in all our ways {psalm 91 vs 10 ~ 11. ..there's some fresh Word for you to keep, your welcome..😊}...so that, in spite of this HEAT...drought, lack...in this old world and the world's Kingdom and economy...we remain  stable...not anxious...we  thrive and flourish and grow and produce...we do NOT fret...worry...and cease yielding fruit in our lives here on planet earth! ! πŸπŸŽπŸƒπŸŒ² 

I am asking you now, if you are not sure if you're in His Kingdom. ..then let's settle this first. Go find a pastor and talk to him or email me...see my contact page please on my site. But if you are Royal already, then let's do this!! Let's represent! ! Let's make sure that Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are looking over the balconies of Heaven and are noticing you and me. Give them something to cheer for...let them explode with cheers and laughter from the balconies so that they start hi fiving each other  and those around them!!!βœ‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ‘‘β˜

May this new year of 2016 be a year of Life for you...a year of vibrancy...much growth...renewed faith in Hope in Him and His Word. May you grow crops of peace and stability...deep roots of joy, no matter the what the times look like, for this is called walking by faith and not walking by sight. And may you be well on your way to looking like a Tall,Full, Lush, Strong Tree... that is able to produce much Kingdom fruit in your life that in turn...affects those near and dear to you...🍎🍏 Don't settle, don't eat with the world's crowd...don't let their choice of dinner selection from their menu be your selection as well. 🍴🍞

 Remember you are His royal child and a set apart soldier in the Army of the Most High God!  So let's do this...and come out of 2016 ...greater and mightier and stronger in our Faith than when the year began!! πŸŒ±πŸŒ²πŸƒπŸπŸŽπŸƒπŸ‘‘β˜


πŸ’› Jβ™‘Y, please!

πŸ’› Jβ™‘Y, please!

πŸ’› Isaiah 61 vs 10..."I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God;for He has clothed me with garments of salvation. He has covered me with The robe of Righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels..."

Joy...is the state of mind that affects a believer's spirit, soul, and body. Let's break this down...what's the difference between JOY and HAPPINESS..? Happiness is a state of mind, directly attached to the circumstances and relationships and people we come into contact with, throughout our days. So, it follows, that when things and people's are grooving along....we are happy and unshaken. And the same is true, in reverse, when goliaths appear, mountains rise in front of us, humans are challenging, then happiness diminishes. Unfortunately, these words can be said of nonbeliever's and unrenewed minded believers...for both groups are *walking by sight* or better put...by their flesh...and depending on what the flesh encounters...the flesh...obviously being in charge...tells the mind and soul {mind, will, & emotions } at what level the happiness meter is running at today. So, without correct knowledge to combat this *ruling flesh* ...these 2 groups, go blindly along, living up and down according to their happiness levels.

But, praise God, as believers, His royal children,  we have another better and stable option afforded to us, if we take it by faith, through the wisdom of His Word. Joy is the state of mind available to His royal child,  based on and in direct proportion (psalm 33 vs 22) to Him and working knowledge of His Word.  So our stability of emotions,  topped off levels of great Joy come from Him, our Father, The Most High God,  and truly the only Source of provision in our lives, here on earth. 

So, you ask, "carolclare,  you don't know what I'm going through right now, how can this joyfilled state of mind occur for me? "  I hear you, and I may not be in your shoes, but I've been in some rough spots and my days are not blue skies and singing cherubs...0 no, it's a cursed world out there but His Word is the Highest Authority in my life now and He has never failed me.

As His royal daughter, carolclare is now *justified* or *just*...and my playbook tells me in Romans 1 vs 17b...As it is written, The man who through faith (born again) is just, and upright ...shall (is called to) live and (how..?) ...shall (should endeavor) to live by faith, and out of faith. Alright, so I'm called, you're called to live, now, by faith and through faith...in something or someone. That's how any faith works. Look around, most daytime shows, most book stores, alot of secular radio stations vie for our attention, to lure us into a false hope in some new idea, product, or person in the spotlight. And it must be needed, because...these ideas fail, products fail, books fail, and people, better yet, Hollywood idols, sport idols, and leaders of our country even fail us and so people move on to look for something or someone else to place their faith in. And the cycle continues. 

I own a Seiko watch, and when I need to have it serviced I march  right down to my favorite *certified seiko* shop, without nary a worry, because time and  time again, this particular store has delivered on their promise to faithfully repair and restore and maintain the life and quality of my treasured watch. So, you could say, carolclare, due to past experiences and now working knowledge of the expert staff at this shop, has *faith* in this particular Seiko dealer.

So, let's unpack this verse and in practical terms, see what this is about. If we are, indeed,  His royal children now, it would be wise and highly beneficial to go by our playbook. Kinda like, when you get a new high tech toy or appliance...say an outdoor smoker...it would be wise and save alot of terror and misfortune, if we read our owner's manual before ever operating  the new gadget...right..? 

Well, The same can be said of us now. And we know, deep deep down it's true, because He has wired us this way. Otherwise the self help section in Barnes and Noble and the endless Weight Watchers commercials and miles and miles of makeup counters laden with creams and potions promising ageless results...would disappear.  On the contrary,  all of these areas are well stocked and monetarily supported by men and women in search of better results in their lives. Now, there's truly nothing wrong with any of this, but when it is our first choice and not a choice that has come as a result of pursuing His wisdom in any area...then we have a problem. 

So, just like it would be silly, even foolish to take my Seiko watch for maintenance to Best Buy, as nice a store as Best Buy is, they do not sell watches nor are they experts in the field of watch repair, upkeep, and maintenance. Now I know this much, the Lord created all of us, saved and unsaved. We are all made in His image. So if we are educated enough to take our Ford automobile into a certified Ford dealership, and not to, let's say, a Harley Davidson dealership, then why on earth, do we , His saved royal children, with a ready made and written for us playbook, keep chasing our tails, and hitting heads against walls, in search of a better way of doing this life, coping with this life, and enjoying this life...?

Okay, life is challenging, all around us. I am certainly not denying that. I can look around and see much going on without even trying. But, the greater Truth, in my life now is His Word to me. He is Who He says He is,...He can still do what He says He can do,...and I am, through salvation in Christ,  Who He says I am now.  And our playbook says here, we are to live by faith. So let's find some good word and have faith in It. 


Isaiah 61 vs 10..."I  (say your name, carolclare ) will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul ( my mind, my will, & my emotions ) will exult in my God (Noone or nothingelse) ; (why..?) for He HAS clothed me (carolclare, say your name ) with garments of salvation.  He has covered me (carolclare, say your name ) with the robe of Righteousness. .." 

I love this Word. It helps me get through some tough days. When goliaths pop up into my section of the world and taunt me, by saying...ok, carolclare, what  are you going to do now, how are you going to deal with this bad news, surprise bill, , interruption in your already booked solid day, huh...?  And just like my favorite knife in my knife block...the one I pull out to slice bread...with the specific serrated blade that slices bread exquisitely without squishing the bread, like when I used to use a butter knife...until I discovered the specific design and function of each knife in the block,...so it is with much past experience and faith in my Lord and this particular word, His Word right here...that I respond, each time...each day...to each goliath...taunting me..."it is written...that my Lord and Father...the Most High God, says , that in spite of, these bumps, hiccups, bad reports brought to me...carolclare is still clothed in garments, plural...thank you...of salvation. And those garments are not just to get me into Heaven, 0 no. These gaments, plural, Mr adversary. ..are garments of salvation, victory, and deliverance for every day of my earthly life. And as my Father, He is the source of all victory and deliverance in my life. 

And furthermore,  He has covered me and all His children in The Robe of Righteousness. ..and even though I still mess up, I'm not perfect all the time, He sees me through the lens of Christ's Righteousness and because my *position* as His child now, cannot change...He rescues me not because of anything I do or did, but because of Who He is. He is love, He is faithful, and He is merciful, He is the waymaker...Luke 1 vs 37...Jeremiah 17 vs 7-8. 

Now, because i/we have entered into covenant with Him, we have a part to play. And that part is the great exchange. For His power , His grace, His supernatural deliverance to occur for us...we are to give Him our faith. Just like Romans 1 vs 17b expresses. So when I have a situation arise, and no, I cant figure it out, or fathom a way out, I KNOW the One Who can and does know a way out...a way over a mountain. ..a way through this dark mess...a sure and clear calm to this storm...and this verse answers it for me...and shuts down the adversary. My faith in this Word and many, many more...are buried in my β™‘ and now absorbed into my spirit. They are old friends, well used swords in my soldier's arsenal. 

So, in spite of the goliaths each day...choose to be anchored in your spirit, soul, and body...to the only unchanging, supernatural Power...the One True Source, the Creator, the *certified human specialist* Authority...The Lord God Almighty. Remind yourself of this good news. You are dressed in the Royal gaments of a Kingdom citizen. And this particular word declares you, in the midst of these troubles, are clothed, dressed, outfitted even, despite the chaos around you, and by having unwavering Hope in this Word,  you can now have *Jβ™‘Y* ...His Jβ™‘Y...Jβ™‘Y that is tied to, anchored in Him and His abundant provision to you, dear child , everyday. It's our choice, it's my choice, it's your choice. 

So now that you have been given this Word of His...straight out of our playbook, owners manual...right out of the book Isaiah. ..what are you going to do with it? The choice is yours each day, each moment... But know this, Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. ..🎡🎢. 

So for now, take this Word and make it yours, for if you are His child, then indeed, it is yours already.  And now by reading this blog, you have some knowledge of it. But go farther...read it more and more...include it in your daily time with Him. Say it over and over, Romans 10 vs 17,  and bury it in your β™‘ ...thus becoming fully persuaded in His Victorious Word to you.  And let the promise of this Word remind you that He is delivering you throughout your day...and this my dear royal child...shall give you back your hope...and this Kingdom lit Hope shall then give you Jβ™‘Y...Jβ™‘Y in spite of conditions. ..so find your Jβ™‘Y...hold on tight to your Jβ™‘Y...and in doing so...shine for Him...wherever you are...for this is the reason for your Jβ™‘Y...to sustain you and draw all to Him. πŸ’›

πŸ’› hope ! ! !

πŸ’› hope ! ! !

  πŸ’› Romans 8 vs 28..."We are assured AND know that (God being a partner in their labor) all things work together and are (fitting into a plan) for good to and for those who lβ™‘ve God and are called according to (His) design.."

Grateful...this was almost the title of this new blog, but *HOPE* won out...because *HOPE* is what I want this writing of mine to give you.

Pretty much every Sunday, after church, my family is blessed to eat with a group of people, that I have come to lean on and consider family. They love me and mine, they encourage me and mine, they mentor me and mine, and are loyal and faithful to me and mine.

But it wasn't always this way for me. I'm going to have to be somewhat transparent here, so please be patient with me. For this is not always easy, but I have wrestled with the Lord this week, in wanting to write something else, and I have learned, in countless ways in my early years as His royal daughter,  that in truly following His leading me, in the big and small ways, do I find true rest in my soul (my mind, my will, & my emotions).

This past sunday, as our large group settled into lunch, everyone seated, children munching on chips and salsa, little conversations going on, all around me, even more so this week, because a couple with their beautiful daughter, when asked to join us, said yes, and as they say, "the more the merrier!"....and so chairs were added, more drinks were ordered, and it was just a scene of loveliness πŸ’› Happy noises, as my elegant mama would say...

It was right after ALL the orders had been taken, and lively talks had resumed....and wanting to give some attention to the sweet young family who had joined us, I leaned over to ask their lovely, and smart little girl...what she was drinking, to make conversation and because the kids cups at this restaurant were not clear and I couldn't tell what she was drinking. Well, she replied, it's PINK lemonade...πŸ΅πŸ‹ . And she was emphatic on the *pink* part, because as any girl knows, when lemonade is *pink* it's WAY better...it's princess lemonade πŸ‘‘πŸŽ€πŸ‹

And then it hit me, right out of the blue, like it has 1000's of times before in my pilgrim life...what with all the lively bantor, the fellowship going on, a baby girl in a high chair licking salsa off her sweet little hands, an *I spy with my little eye* game, being played between this pink lemonade little girl and her father and one of the brothers of the little girl eating salsa, and some of our friends were busy catching up on Christmas adventures and New Year's memories, and it hit me so much so, that I couldn't speak for a little bit, my eyes filled with tears, and I sat back, not munching on chips and salsa, praying no one saw this, saw me...

I had just had one of those deep, washing over me, moments of *gratefulness* And it came like a huge wave of deep love and warmth rushing into my very heart πŸ’› ...running through my veins, warming my soul, til it burst forth into huge tears in my eyes...shoo...  You see, it is still very green and real to me, just how far the Lord has brought me, carried me, toted me, since my day of asking Him into my messy, untidy, filthy, fearful, little πŸ’› all those many years ago...

Grateful is the word. I was caught up in gratefulness, right in the middle of this scene in a little restaurant in my, now hometown of Ringgold, Ga.. And I'm so joyful, even during the tears, that He still impresses my heart and soul in this way...so I never forget,  where He has brought me from, long ago. 

When I was newly saved, and attended a new church, and then joined their church family, I was divorced, with 2 young, young children, and not renewed in my mind at all. But this gracious church family, located in Chattanooga, Tn...Bayside Baptist Church....with gentle and tender arms, so took me and my 2 babies into their fold, so much so, that we never wanted for a thing...physically, spiritually,  or emotionally.  They became as much a family to me as my own blood family. 

On Sundays, my teacher and class mates taught me, checked on me, mentored me, loved me, prayed for me and the very same can be said for my children and their sunday school classes. We never had to worry about sitting alone on a pew during worship service, because 2 families really took the 3 of us, under their wing. And most of the time, on the sundays I had my children, we were asked to eat at someone's home and visit all afternoon,  or we treated out to eat with another family, or I was secretly handed cards with money to ensure I could take my children out to lunch like everyonelse. 

But on those sundays, where my children were with their daddy, I was sometimes alone after church, for lunch. I am not one who enjoys eating out, alone, so if I didn't have plans with someone,  I usually went back home. And those weekends were tough, let me tell you. 

I completely get that children need both parents,  so my mind understood why my children needed to be away from me every other Friday afternoon to sunday night, but my heart grieved. And so, on those weekends, after many times of choosing to sit in loneliness, I instead chose to *redeem* those times as dates with my Father. And so besides Wednesday night church and sunday morning church, and my morning devotions with Him...I pulled out my bible, and dug in, out of desperation. ..fed up with the routine of these sad weekends. And because I decided to make a firm choice in my heart to Honor Him and His Word. ..He still to this day honors me and that choice, 1 Samuel 2 vs 2b..."for those that Honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be  lightly esteemed.."

Now mind you, I had a fine job, was paid good, and received  child support too...which some do not get, and a loving family to lean upon, and for all of this I am still grateful.  But when you are a baby christian, not trained in the Word, and the only adult in your home...your mind can wander. Bills come in the mail, 2 daycares have to be paid for, birthdays, Christmases,  field trips at school, fluctuating electric bills occur...and late at night, after supper, bathing 2 children, homework is done, lunches are packed for tomorrow  (including mine, healthier and saves loads of money), flat men are laid out (everyone's outfits literally laid out so as to prevent tardiness in the morning) , devotion time with children is done (because I had learned I was the priest of this home) and girl child and boy child were all tucked in...I would sit in the livingroom and worry about the budget, or the big heat bill just received,  or saving for my oil change the next month...knowing how much I had available in income to me that month. But, then remembering that, I had made a promise to have a date with Him...I immediately stopped my train wreck of thoughts, got up, fetched my bible and journal off my desk, and set down to expectantly hear some Good News from Him. And He delivered!!! 

One of the first 2 verses He impressed me to *take and keep* for my own...was Psalm 23 vs 1,,," The Lord is (now!) my (carolclare's ) Shepherd  {to feed carolclare,  to guide carolclare,  and to shield carolclare } , therefore I {carolclare } shall NOT lack.." I could actually hear Him , in my spirit,  saying my name in this verse that night, and to this day, I still insert my name and now my children and husband's name too. But, 0, how I felt His Presence that night. ✨

And almost as soon as I could hilight that promise and take a quick note of it in my journal, He had me turn to Isaiah 54. Now I had been reading consistently Isaiah 54 each morning, because of verse 17..."no weapon that is formed against you, carolclare,  shall prosper. ..amen" ...but He caused my very eyes to glance to the left of this passage that night, and I have never been the same!! 

Isaiah 54 vs 5.." For your Maker, carolclare,  is your Husband-the Lord of Hosts is His Name-and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; the God of the WHOLE earth, He is called..." I froze, He was gracious enough to let me become fully persuaded in this Word to me, right there on my couch, without experience or working knowledge of it yet, He poured it into my cold, lonely, fearful, heart and that promise became a root so deep...that Noone or no-thing could or can pull it out. 🌱

And so I sat with Him, no more looking for verses that night. I just let them settle in me deeply. I said them over and over outloud, wrote and rewrote them in my journal that night...making them my own, and went to bed renewed in my mind and heart and with the beginnings of restoration going on in my hurt little soul. 

And so began my many date nights with my Husband, the King of Heaven πŸ‘‘ Immediately those feelings of loneliness and dread vanished...and that was no easy task. Let me tell you...long about Wednesday nights every other week, they started, because I would remember that I needed to pack Thursday night on top of all the other nightly routine, to have my two prized possessions ready for their visits with their dad. And the dread of this time away from them, came upon me like someone trying to put a dark, heavy, dreary oversized bulky overcoat on me despite all my resistance. The Lord was teaching me that, in order to shed a non Kingdom way or habit in my life, I can't just shed it, 0 no, I have to put something else in its place...take its place, so to speak.  And so, these dates with Him, were treasured by me. I was in Holy Ghost school, as my church family at Bayside Baptist, called it.

Now let me tell you, He didn't just want me piling up in my journal and heart...stacks and stacks of His Life giving Word....I mean what good is that, right..? He wanted fear rooted completely out of my heart, He wanted to give a hearty kick to loneliness and never have me entertain that guest again...He wanted despair and all the effects of this nasty guest cleaned out of my hurt little soul. I had asked Him in and as my Husband, He was cleaning house!! Now He knew how the process worked and was fully persuaded in This system of His Kingdom, but He needed to make sure, or rather WANTED to make sure, that carolclare was fully persuaded in His Word too. 

So He allowed circumstances in my new Kingdom life to occur, not averting them from me, so as to grow my full persuasion,  through working knowledge of wielding these new promises of His in my everyday life. For instance, the electric bill would arrive and it would be even higher than I had guesstimated, and even though my old flesh went to start up the panic buttton, His very Word would speak to me, even louder and remind me...now carolclare...you are in my Kingdom now, trusting Me and honoring My Word and tithing (which, let me say, is challenging).

Tithing...let's pause for a moment, for tithing is training wheels in faith buliding. Being the only adult under my roof, I didn't have someone supporting my choice of this and backing me up, so my thoughts would turn to fear, even after writing the tithe and sealing it up in the envelope.But i did it because He said ..."prove Me, carolclare.." ...Malachi 3:10.."Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you, carolclare,  and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it..."  

Well, I knew enough logically, that if I accepted John 3 vs 16 and believed I was now saved and in The Lambs book of Life, from which no one or no thing could EVER snatch me from, and I had already felt relief knowing He was my King and Husband, then I couldn't throw this verse out. And it's simple to unpack, but harder for people to walk out. But I was against a wall, so I had nothing to lose. So I tithed and I offered, even if it meant, that if after I wrote 2 checks to my church, right after recording my deposit in my check register ...and I felt a tug in my spirit to offer, and I couldn't fathom how to write another check, I would just march right over to my closet and pick out an outfit, a nice outfit too, some times newly given to me and  not yet worn.....because His Word taught me it had to really cost me something. And do you know what..? I immediately found out I could not out give my Lord. You see, old nature, carolclare would rack her brains and rewrite the budget in her notebook and retalley the items, and tighten up here and there and still come up short of the income needed when a surprise bill showed up in the mail. I could not figure ways to make it happen. And I was not enjoying life. But when I started following my playbook, according to the *Light* He had shown me thus far, miraculous things happened.  The new natured, renewing (reprogramming and rebooting) her mind, carolclare, after her dates with God, would call those things as though they already were (Romans 4 vs 17). So it became routine that I would gather my bible, and my budget notebook and the little stack of bills (which were still  goliaths to me) and declare these verses outloud, even saying, The Lord is carolclare's Sheperd, therefore, carolclare does not lack in any way...physically,  spiritually,  and emotionally or financially. I declared that I was now in God's Kingdom, the Highest Kingdom, and as such, was now translated into His economy, not Obama's economy, and in my Father's  Kingdom there was no lack of any kind. And so I further proclaimed, to increase my faith (Romans 10 vs 17) that my Father promised me to supply all my needs , and I obeyed by tithing and offering, and I now believed His Word in Malachi that He would open His very windows from heaven to pour out a blessing to carolclare's household, to take care of me and mine, as any good and faithful Husband would do. I learned how to be expectant...and that is simply put...biblical. and it worked!!

 At the time, my job also gave me commission on certain sales totals, once I met them. And lo  and behold, when my predicted, consistent income didn't cover the month, He would cause me to "prosper at everything I put my hand to.." psalm 1 vs 3 and my commissions steadily increased. Another provision He still does to this day for me is, I often enjoy lots of savings when I  grocery shop, not because I clip coupons either. I always declare psalm 121 vs 8 each day..."the Lord will keep (direct, watch over, surround with His favor) your going out ( into your day, errands, vehicle, job, etc) and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore. ." So I am truly expectant and excited each time I shop, knowing He is causing, through sale items or BOGO, or however, that my receipt will be less than I budgeted for, thus shaving off savings on my budget for the month. Plus, still to this day, I will be gifted a gift card to use while shopping or to splurge and go out to eat with. He has shown me and is still proving to me, He is my Husband and will always compensate by filling in gaps in my budget each month. So now, in my fully persuaded heart i know, even though I'm remarried, and to the world, it would appear I live in a 2 person income household, that is wrong. I now live in a 3 income family...my husband and me and the Lord Himself... all bring in monies and provision for each month. What joy and relief that still brings me!!!

I still have a long way to go...in renewing my mind and πŸ’›  to His ways, His Words, His Kingdom practices, as His ambassador down here on planet earth.  And I know this too, that a faith child, a royal child, a Kingdom child is called, sanctified, set apart....pulled out from the world's crowd...at our personal point of salvation. And as such, a faith child should always be growing, moving forward, rising up ⬆in our working knowledge of our new playbook, the bible, and also of Who He is and who we are now, in Christ.  This has become my passion, to rise up and grow my own faith and disciple those endeavoring to do the same. It's never too late. For this is truly what makes this present life exciting and fulfilling in a way no other means or idol can satisfy. 

So back to my life now, in Ringgold, Ga. ..my life has dramatically changed from that livingroom soooo long ago, when my 2 children were very little. My children are young adults, kind, lovely, and royally saved all by the grace of God in our lives. I have remarried to a Kingdom man, who is faithful and loyal to God and me. I am mentored by passionate daughters of the Most High God.  And I have surrounded myself with an inner circle that is white hot πŸ”₯on fire for our Lord. I have so many girlfriends who love and mentor me. And I have been honored with assignments from my Lord and Pastors that fuel my days as His soldier.

 And so, that Sunday at lunch, as I was vividly reminded by a little girl telling me how much she loved *pink* lemonade, and all at the same time, I heard those *happy noises* at my *family's lunch table* ...my Father took me back in time to a couch long ago, to remind me...not how I'd  messed up (for that is the adversary's favorite job)...but how I had started having dates with Him...πŸ’•πŸ’ž and because of His faithfulness and carolclare honoring (putting great value upon, highly esteeming) His Word  and what I believed His Word could do literally in my life and situations. ..here I sat,...hearing and feeling, and seeing...through carolclare's tearflooded eyes...the very fruit of Him and His Word in my life β€πŸ‹β€πŸ‹β€

Romans 8 vs 28..."for we are assured and know that God being a partner in their labor, all things work together AND are fitting into a plan for good to, AND for those who lβ™‘ve God AND are called according to His design and purpose.." πŸ’›

His Word has taught me that what He can do for one royal child, He surely wants to do for all His royal children. So...Hβ€’Oβ€’Pβ€’E!!! What He has done for carolclare  and is still doing, He can AND wants to do for you. The first step is to make sure you are , indeed, His royal child...if not, then let's settle that. If you need help with that, let someone know or email me (see my contact page). If you are already translated into His Kingdom, then great!!! Let's Roll!!! He is the Waymaker...He can do the impossible  (Luke 1 vs 37 ). Remember as His royal child, you are now on the Victorious team, step out into your day from this Truth, let His Word renew your mind and thus πŸ’›,  and let His Word be your Final Authority in every area and arena of your life. And look out, He will take you on an adventure the rest of your days, that will satisfy like nothing else can! He can even take your *lemons* πŸ‹πŸ‹in your life, and make them, not into just lemonade,....but special, one of a kind, royal...*pink* lemonade !!! πŸ‹πŸŽ€πŸ‹πŸŽ€πŸ‹ And thank you to the sweet Kingdom family who joined our group for lunch, and especially oodles of thank yous to little miss addison...for inspiring my faith blog this week, you are a special little girl πŸ’›πŸŽ€πŸ’›

Him we praise ☝ πŸ‘‘ 

Him we trust ☝ πŸ‘‘ 

John 10 vs 10 

The Baby changes everything...Hallelujah!!!! πŸ’›

The Baby changes everything...Hallelujah!!!! πŸ’›

Isaiah 41 vs 10~13..."Fear not, {there is no-thing to fear}, for I am with you; do not look around you in terror AND be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up AND retain you with My Victorious Right hand of rightness and justice. 

Vs 11...Behold, ALL they who are enraged AND inflamed πŸ”₯ against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.

vs 12...You shall seek those who contend with you BUT you shall not find them; they who war against you shall be as nothing,  as nothing at all!!

vs 13...For I The Lord your God, hold your right hand; I AM The Lord, Who says to you  {carolclare, say your name}...Fear NOT; I will help you!!"

 Well, here we are, in the New Year of 2016. And Christmas festivities and celebrations are over, and some have put away all the trinkets and baubles til next time and some are just starting to put away the twinkle lights and tree and decorations...

 But what about The Baby? When was the last time {I'm speaking to myself here, first} you checked on the Baby..? Ya know, like when you brought home your new, fresh, tiny little baby from the hospital...the 9 months...or more...of pregnancy didn't end with the arrival of the sweet little human. O, no- in fact, the journey had really just begun. And upon the initial moment of holding your highly anticipated newborn, and great feelings of love washed over you for this new child of yours, you became a loyal,faithful, protective, and adoring parent. And so it followed, that when baby came home from the hospital, that indeed, this baby changed EVERYTHING!! You checked repeatedly, day & night, on your new baby...you tended to the baby...you fed the baby...you nourished the baby...you helped the baby to rest...you protected the baby, guarding the baby's schedule...and in doing so, changed...turned upside down even, your schedule to accommodate the baby...to put their needs, health, growth, life first, not yours...

 These verses in Isaiah have been a solid ground for me this year...I've camped out by them...led there by my Father. And so far, He has not asked me to take up my tent and move on. So besides my daily swords I wield each morning, I have added this glorious set, as well. So they will enter the New Year with me as a trusted friend alongside carolclare. They have proved themselves worthy to me, and as I feel the Lord calling me up even higher with this new chapter in my pilgrim life down here, they will carry me through to the higher ground.

 And how will they do that, in practical terms, you ask? Well, The Baby, The Anointed One HAS indeed, changed everything in me and for me, and the change came from His Word...starting with John 3 vs 16...and continues to this day...as I constantly seek...check on...The Baby {His Word...John 1 vs 1..."in the beginning {before all time} was the Word {Christ } and the Word was with God and the Word was God}. And I find as I seek Him and His Word, I am renewed in my mind and πŸ’›... because The Baby changes everything! !!

 First of all, He tells me, Fear NOT!! Not, fear a little or fear sometimes, but Fear NOT! And He then explains why to Fear NOT- because He is WITH me, carolclare. Then He gives specifics, knowing what I'm apt to do next, because until I've fully trained my flesh to line up and walk royal, my flesh is still more naturally inclined to walk in the old manner of the dark kingdom I used to belong to-which is the adversary's domain- namely walk in fear. So Jesus tells me, do NOT look around you, carolclare,  because what carolclare sees may try and put her in dismay and terror. 

 Then this Anointed Baby tells me that  He is my God now, because I was born again, and He will strengthen me to difficulties and even harden me to difficulties...because according to my soldier manual, literally handed to me, at Salvation, in John 16 vs 33..."I have told you {carolclare, royal child} these things, SO that in Me you may have {perfect } peace and confidence. In the world 🌏 you have tribulation  and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer { take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted }! For I HAVE overcome the world {I have deprived it of power to harm you AND conquered it for you..}. And those things I see right now, which are temporal and ever changing, can, if I focus on them and let them into my mind and heart. ..cause me to drift towards fear and terror, which in turn, leads to the entrance of their second cousin....dismay. Yikes!!! . 

 But He assures me, that He will, if I have this knowledge and truly am fully persuaded in His Word and by His Word, He will strengthen and harden me...my skin...my flesh, not harden my heart. I have learned that my old ways included...among many other ways...a flesh that was touchy, easily offended, angry even if only on the inside, dramatic, self seeking flesh...and even though at times, it was justified to the point of righteous anger, if I didn't learn to correct my lack of forgiveness and give it ALL over to God to handle and make right, that my Love walk was sorely off kilter...and primarily affected me and my peace, joy, well being, and state of mind. Needless to say, I've still got flashing lights up because my flesh is still under Holy Ghost re-construction . 

 So daily, hourly, almost every waking moment, I rehearse this golden, power-packed nugget of His *does NOT return void, Isaiah 55 vs 11*  promise to myself. I love how He ends it all by saying to me, Behold!!! or take note as you look around now carolclare - ALL those who are enraged and inflamed πŸ”₯ against you...now let me pause here...that's some big, strong, intimidating, harassing kind of goliaths, if you ask me...and He wants you and me to know...really know...not just one time, quickly read in a moment of devotion, but a knowing that comes from being sick and tired of this old world and all the goliaths, and you finally decide in your heart...to walk, talk, and think royal.  His promise here says that to walk royal...which is to say, I walk more efficiently, more confidently, more boldly...because He will strengthen me and harden or toughen me up, He holds my right hand each moment, and He helps me in only the way He can...supernaturally...above and beyond the natural way...

 And the result of all this warfare and protection supplied by Him and through Him, on account of carolclare or any royal child, placing their faith and expectancy in Him and His Word,  is that when the smoke clears...and we get a little further down this path...He asks me and you to stop βœ‹ and look around...those who had strove, fought with, battled, even harassed you and me, will not be found...they will be as nothing, it...the circumstance...will perish...and we...His royal children will NOT be ashamed or confounded at all. And what does that mean..? Well, it means dear heart, that when we go against the tide, when we decide to be radical in our persuasion of His Word and be so audaciously BOLD in our Faith in His Word, no matter the crowd around us...when He comes through and delivers us from our goliaths... He likes to do this sometimes, most times...in front of our naysayers. And for our standing upon His Word,  we are rewarded, as well, with NOT being ashamed nor confounded for believing Him and taking Him at His Word.  We are thrilled and overjoyed in His power and deliverance in our pilgrim lives down here!!!

 So this New Year's Day and throughout the coming year, even though all the decorations have been tucked away til December 25th rolls around again...remember The Baby...The Christ Child. ..The Anointed One. ..in the nursery {physically speaking, a room in a literal home...spiritually speaking,your Heart...where He is now...in your tent of a body}. He is and was The reason for the whole season!! Check in with Him alot, tend to Him, nurture this relationship,  honor Him by placing high value on His Word...take Him @ His Word.  And in doing so, by walking even more Royal πŸ‘‘ , by thinking more Royal, by talking more Royal, by boldly and audaciously BELIEVING more Royal...behold!....look around!...because The Baby changes EVERYTHING!!!

 Hallelujah! !! Him we praise ☝ πŸ‘‘  Him we trust ☝ πŸ‘‘ 

 Happy New Year to you and yours!!! πŸ’›  Enjoy the video ‡

πŸ’› 0, come let us adore Him...

πŸ’› 0, come let us adore Him...

Isaiah 9 vs 6..."For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder,  and His Name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father (of Eternity) , Prince of Peace! !" β€πŸŒ²β€πŸ­πŸŽ‡

It's Christmas day, and most of us are celebrating the birth of the most anticipated baby of all time, The Christ Child. How Glorious!! 

One of my favorite songs is , O, come let us adore Him. I have loved this song since I was a little girl. Even then, I knew it was special, because it put my thoughts right on Him, the Christ child, the Anointed One. 

I have only begun, in my Kingdom years {as His roy al daughter now} to come to a fuller working knowledge, of Who He is and the direct connection of *adoring* Him...and the resulting fruit of that in my pilgrim life. 🌲 

When I choose to stop, whether it's for a moment...because that may be all I have.....like in a grocery store line....or a redeemed kind of appointment with Him, where I savor each passing tick of the clock...I now look forward to adoring Him, and even find myself, trying to redeem more times with Him, anywhere I am...🌲 

When I step, out of my moment, into a more present realization of His Presence,  and focus on Him, adore Him and ponder Who He is...I always come away...changed, re-freshed, and strengthened in my very spirit 🌲

Isaiah 9 vs 6 tells that unto us...is born...The Child...Who is....The Wonderful Counselor...not a mediocre,  or lazy, or unattentive Counselor. ..but The Wonderful Counselor.  Webster's dictionary defines counselor as...an advisor, an expert in the matter, an authority, a  manager of your affairs, a true confidant.  So when I spend time with The Wonderful Counselor,  and tell Him all my troubles, knowing, through this Word, that He can manage all my goliaths, all of them, in a perfect and efficient way and be my confidant,  then slowly, my cares slip away. My heart slows down to a rhythm of grace, and I feel relieved. He's got this, He's  my manager, He isn't even moved by any of this. 🌲

Isaiah further declares to me, that when I adore Him, I'm adoring a Mighty God! Webster's defines Mighty as...having strong power, possessing great strength, very potent, much valor, very significant power! Well, Biblically speaking, He is THE GOD, having and possessing ALL power, still on the Throne, Almighty God of Might and Strength!! 🌲 

Isaiah goes on to say, He is Everlasting Father!! Everlasting. ..let that sink in...Neverending, Endless, Perpetual, Enduring, Infinite, Abiding, Eternal...Father. So this Everlasting Father is He that eternally wants to *lead* you, *feed* you, *protect* you, and *sheperd* you,...if you will let Him. Once we are saved, we still have to ask Him, and here's the key, we have to let Him lead us, we have to let Him be King, not just Lord, so He can lead us along His paths of abundant light, lush green pastures with  protection for the journey. 🌲

And finally, Isaiah closes with the words, Prince of Peace. He is the only Peace in this world, all other is false and/or fleeting as a vapor. Sadly, it's not time to have complete peace, here on earth.  But this strong, sure, faithful Word from our Father, is here to remind us over and over, that we can have peace, His kind of peace, in spite of, in the midst of, this world and all its busyness, unrest, strife, hustle, and it's lack of peace. Now here's the deal...you and i, just like a gas tank in a car, have to keep ourselves filled up, to run well. So, if I'm pinched, short on patience, unloving, unfair,nice to John Q. Public and witchy to loved ones, it's time to look at my *peace tank* and see at what level I'm currently running at, so to speak.  God is not mocked, if my fruit is stinky, then I need to set some things I deemed important aside, and rush to His presence! I need to filler up!! And what is so spectacular about this habit of times of adoring this Anointed One, is that I remember anew, How awesome He is, how Jinormous He is {thank you Elf!}...and the goliaths in my life always minimize because I have re-laid them in His Huge, capable hands to manage for me, His royal daughter! And this comforts me soooo! He has made us to only think one thought, at a time, so, in practicing this Kingdom art of adoring Him, in Walmart lines or driving in my car in silence, or nestled on our couch, with my favorite quilt, in these moments, my thoughts are on Him and His Royal Magnificence. And my dreary, faithless, hopeless, fearful thoughts are gone...all due to adoring Him!!  πŸŒ² 

So, my prayer for you, is His gift 🎁 to you....0, come let us adore Him!!! Endeavor to check your *peace tank* levels more often this coming year. Keep it *topped off* . Let Him refresh you, fill up your spirit, fill up your peace tank, renew your mind and thus πŸ’› ...to His ways of doing things, let Him manage you and your schedule, let Him tweak a thing or two, let Him lead you on some new paths this year, and anoint you for the better. And in doing so, may you hum within your soul {your mind, your will, and your emotions } to yourself and those around you..."0, come let us adore Him, 0, come let us adore Him, 0, come let us adore Him...Christ The Lord πŸŽ‡β˜πŸ‘‘ 

 Happy Christmas to ya'll and may this season of the Christ Child be...Merry and Bright πŸŽ‡ for all!

Light sown and strewn...πŸ’›

Light sown and strewn...πŸ’›

Psalm 97 vs 11..."Light is sown for the {uncompromisingly} righteous AND strewn along their pathway, and JOY for the upright in heart {the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and His protection }."

I love this verse of Scripture and His promise to His royal children. But I always love it even more during the Christmas season ❀🌲❀  because there are twinkle lights everywhere, in homes, on houses, in churches, in little shops in town,almost everywhere I look. And all those lights stir up this verse of Scripture in my πŸ’›  and I end up pondering this promise the rest of the day. 

Our Father promises us, tucked here in this sparkly verse of Scripture, that LIGHT is sown for the righteous, more specifically,  the uncompromisingly righteous. Well, that's a bump in the road, isn't it...? πŸ˜• But, hang on, stick with me here. Let's chew this up a bit...shall we? 

Biblically speaking, *Righteous* does mean sinless, spotless, without sin or guiltiness. Well, there goes my Light sown for me. No light sown for carolclare, nope, nada, not happening. Lots of dimly lit, dark pathways for me. Or maybe not, let's dig a little deeper, I mean He promises His royal children ~ a future and a hope, plans to prosper us  {Jeremiah 29 vs 11} ~ well I can't believe His good plans would be on dark pathways, that His royal daughter carolclare is groping along, leaving me to stumble on the pathway. 

He promises that He sows and shines  the Light...His Light...upon the pathway of the uncompromisingly righteous.  So who are these *uncompromisingly righteous* He is doing this illumination for, anyway..? Well, His royal children are *Righteous* , once we are saved and born again. He now sees us clothed in Christ's Righteousness,{2 Corinthians 5 vs 21}  sinless and spotless, justified and redeemed, and once again, back in right standing, in our relationship with Him. So, what's this *uncompromisingly* word there for? I mean, I still sin, I still mess up, I still have a hard heart sometimes, so even if I'm now ~ righteous  ~ I sure do compromise...which is the exact opposite of *uncompromising*. Yikes, back to the dimly lit pathway, maybe...

Our Father does want the good plans for us to play out in our lives, but it takes our cooperation. ..you know, that 2 way street in this Kingdom Covenant we entered into with our Father. We, I can't be sinless, try as hard as I can. But i, we are clothed in Christ's Righteousness now, so we are covered, so to speak. The uncompromisingly part plays out this way. Watch this...the great daily exchange for His royal child is...we give Him our Faith {in His Word and His Power in said Word} for each moment, each mountain, each goliath, each lack we are facing down here and He heaps out helpings of Powerful Supernatural Grace to us.  Now, when, I am uncompromising in my audacious Faith in His Word due to my Full persuasion in His Word,  He walks ahead of me, and sows {plants } and strews {sprinkles} Light {like pretty twinkle strands of Christmas lights } all the way down my path. Here's  the kicker...when I pause in my faith {my source of currency in this Kingdoms market system}, He has to pause and stop βœ‹ unrolling more of the twinkle lights for me...right there...where my faith halted.  

Now I can almost hear you, why on earth, would you ~ carolclare ~ halt your faith and stop your Light Source..that's silly?! Well, I can't speak for you, but from my own pilgrim experience,  there are many reasons. None of them really justified, nonetheless, I still make weak choices. Sometimes my faith wanes out due to a shortage, ya know, like when life gets busier, o, maybe like, take for example-Christmas.πŸŽ„ There are a lot of things to do for the big day, and when these holiday traditions take time from my day, I sometimes , cut back, or even maybe, skip my times with Him. Whaaaat...!? And when I don't take in the *daily requirements * of His Word,  my faith becomes weak. Why..? Because faith comes how? By hearing, and hearing and hearing {outloud, I find is the best} the Word of God...Romans 10 vs 17. And just like eating a power packed breakfast 🍎🍏before I start my day, even more so, when I remind my spirit each morning, by reading His Word  about who I am now, and what He is more than able to do for me, I step out, into my day of soldiering, from a strong working knowledge which is fueled by my faith in the Word I just ate.

A popular halt of my faith is a pesky 4 letter word...namely...f●e●a●r. I know, youve got this one mastered, no sweat, right..? 😨 Well, not carolclare. O no, sometimes I hear it sneaking around but I quickly contend with it and declare *this is God's property, so get lost mister! But, 0, then there are times, when I don't just hear it messing around with me, but I actually open  up the front door for him, you know, our minds, and let him in to troll around and wreck the place. Ughhh! Then I finally get tired of pondering the *fear*... the thoughts that say..."this is too hard, I don't see a way out of this, it's the biggest goliath ever, what am I going to do..?" And then I muster up some Word from my heart or head over to my favorite bible and finally kick that fear out. 

 So the key here is, to remain uncompromising.  Be Worded Up, not just a little or even just sometimes, or when it's on the defense. To remain as uncompromising as possible,  we must endeavor to NOT compromise our supply of Faith. We must continuously feed our Faith, keep it strong and vibrant and fresh. Just like physical meals nourish us, they still don't last. We use up the fuel from the food we ate and we must schedule a time or routine to eat again. Just like physical meals, we are only as strong in our Faith as the last meal we took in. Whether I eat up His Word sporadically or consistently , i will always end up burning though it. Life and it's circumstances will eat away at the supply of Faith that you and me have laid up in our hearts. So to demonstrate a disciplined proactive, always ready and available...soldier mentality...it would be wise of me to lay up His Word in my heart by the truckloads, so my Faith is constantly stoked. 

So, here comes the JOY for the upright in heart, at the end of this sparkly verse.  When my heart is filled up and fully persuaded in His Victorious Word to me, I am upright...in line with His Word, in agreement with His Word to me, expectant, even , of His Word to work in my life. And this expectancy, does indeed, always give me, carolclare, much JOY. πŸ’›πŸ­

And  yet, you ask, how can you have JOY, in the midst of this goliath activity,  that we still see...dancing around...taunting you...? Because I have buried in my heart His promises of Victory and deliverance, in plain terms, I now have His Word on it! And like the verse closes, I am reminded, that this consciousness or plainly stated, full persuasion in His Word and indeed His favor and protection , by my Faith ex change to Him...and through the Supernatural power of His Grace made available to me now , I can say "the Victory is on its way!!

So, as you too, observe each day, during this glorious season of Christmas...the glow and sparkle of twinkle lights...may this verse be a gift 🎁 to you to carry deep in your heart. And may you endeavor to keep it there, even lay up more twinkly, golden pieces of scripture...to fan the flames of your growing, vibrant Faith, so that you remain uncompromising in your Faith. And may you know too, that He has endless strands of sparkly twinkle lights with your name on them, to unroll as He walks just a little bit ahead of you...to light...illuminate.. and brighten up your pathways. πŸ’›

Happy Christ~Mas Season to ya'll. ..πŸ’›πŸ­β€πŸŒ²β€πŸŒ²β€πŸŽ‡

The beginning...

The beginning...

πŸ’› ~ Welcome to you!

The beginning...Luke 1 vs 37~πŸ’›

Here i am ~ writing my first blog and you get a front row seat for my new site and how the Lord will lead me along the way. You can say...hey! I was there at the beginning of this journey...the Faith journey that the Lord took carolclare on. In a very comforting and warm way, this notion helps me too. I somehow feel as if you are here, sitting quietly with me, praying for me, as I write my notes, and study His Word and type up my first blog and then, many more along the way.

Well, I must go back, ~ WAY back, ~to the beginning. A few years ago, our Interim Pastor Jim Bailiff...the Kingdom sheperd, pursuer of God, that he is...did a series on Luke 1 vs 37 which states..."for with God NOTHING is ever impossible AND no word from God shall be without power OR impossible of fulfillment. .." He was teaching us, that, this one verse isn't  there just for..."hum, ho, thank you Lord for this day, may I make it through and have a good day...amen..." 0 no, Pastor Jim emphatically replied! This verse, like so many other ones found in God's Word, were for those children of His...that are renewed minded..Kingdom talking...walk by faith...brothers and sisters of Joshua, Caleb, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.At the end of this sermon series, he asked the congregation to really ponder and recall...something the Lord had put on our β™‘'s , in years past,  to dream and pray for...that perhaps, due to time or lack of faith, we had given up on...or even something,like an *unkingdom habit*, we knew we wanted and needed to *shed* but we just couldn't seem to be able to permanently keep it *shed*.

 We were then, to bring in faith, the following Sunday, that thing, that desire from the Lord,  and it was to be  to written  down on a slip of paper.

Well, that next Sunday,  Pastor Jim brought in  2 baskets to church service. At the sermon time, if I remember correctly, he would ask those that actually wanted to do this, to come down and place our slip of paper in one of the 2 baskets. Why, 2 baskets, you ask..? Well, he explained that if you wanted him to take yours up and not read it, but only pray for it...then, put yours in basket A. But if you wanted him to read yours AND pray for it, to place yours in basket B. 

Well, I knew mine pretty quickly that week and prepared my slip of paper...my slip contained two dreams...each one closely knit to the other. And I set about journaling and praying over them in advance, in preparation of the special Sunday service. I had also decided to place mine in basket B. because Pastor Jim was not a double minded child of God and that was the kind of Kingdom people, I always endeavored to pray with.

My desire, from the Lord, was to not just write in my journals anymore for myself, nor to just text and email those who I truly knew, nor to stop at teaching  just within my church walls and within my home. O no, He had  placed in me a great desire to write more, and talk more. Isaiah 54 vs 2..."Enlarge the place of your tent, carolclare, and let the curtains of your habitation be stretched out;SPARE NOT; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes, carolclare..." And i did stretch and lengthen and prepare for my God given desire, and still continue to do this.

I looked up all the "I am with you" verses and all the promises of how He is my Strength, and Power, and Wisdom, and Enabler of those who want to *run with the horses* Jeremiah 12 vs 5. And I journaled them, and memorized them, so that when I sat, or walked along the way, They...His very Word to me, would speak to me and strengthen me, in advance for this new *assignment* He had already given to me ~ carolclare. I was remodeling my *tent* and stretching it to the limit, in anticipation of His need of it. 

I didn't know how or when, or where to go, but like  Abraham, I heard Him...so I  stepped out in Faith...by writing on a slip of paper and dropping it into a "faithfilled, prayed over basket...one sunday... and then, here's a key part, i *stood* upon His Word dropped into my β™‘ and waited to see what He would do...psalm 138 vs 8..." The Lord will perfect that which concerns you {carolclare} ; Your mercy and loving-kindness , 0 Lord, endure forever-forsake not the works of Your own hands..." 

Well, I did have given to me, more opportunities to speak, and I got to speak to those I had not spoken to before. And I was asked to write new things...like the daily devotions...for our team for the past 2 years on their mission trips. All these opportunities gave me...His child... more wisdom, more knowledge of His Word, and above all,... {this part always gets to me}...above all, and MOST importantly,  a renewed and sharpened confirmation and Faith in My Father and what He had promised to do for me and through me. 

Fast forward to a few months ago, early 2015, and like I have written on my *about* page...the studying time in my bible had so increased, that when I texted/emailed each morning to my groups...I had a challenging time to find a stopping point to end each morning message I sent. The Lord just kept pouring into me.

So I began to write in the afternoon after work, things He had laid upon my β™‘ for later messages. I was almost doing little bible studies with the Lord, besides those lessons I studied to teach Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Tuesday night for secret church. Just like the loaves 🍞 and fishes 🐟🐟🐟, I knew that He didn't like to waste anything, so I journaled these studies and filed them away, for future use, just obeying and loving my journey with Him. 

Very soon afterward, He laid it on my β™‘ to prepare to write a blog. A blog, I asked...what's a blog...and I don't even know how to start. But i heard Him, so i kept believing.

Well, soon after that, late summer, after our team from church returned from their mission trip...2 people...2 men...who don'teven know about my dream from God...came to me , not knowing about the other, and asked if, I had ever thought of blogging. One of them even added, "Have you ever thought of blogging, and maybe even more than just blogging, kinda like when you have your have site, as well..? 

Now, old me, would have said,.......What..??!!! But, new me... new creation in Christ... His royal child... yearning to walk by faith... me... carolclare....just smiled , like I had a coat hanger in my mouth. 😊There it was...my dream!!! And He was sending people, godly people, to push me out a little further in faith. Wow!!!

Quickly, I remember asking the Lord specifically to put upon my β™‘ and my mind, those people He wanted to to guide me, practically speaking , on this...now...*well lit* path...πŸ‘£. Psalm 119 vs 105..."Your Word is a lamp to my feet πŸ‘£ and a light πŸŽ‡ to my {carolclare's} path..." 

He immediately answered my faith prayer and many, many more since then.

 Here we are.  This is your very first visit to my second home, the very site He gave me, and that I stretched and enlarged and strengthened my tent for. The Lord and I and, those He sent my way, have been preparing all this for weeks. There has been lots of praying, lots of abundant Heavenly provision, many, many meetings,   many after hours of work...designing, creating, and posting.

All this has been done to invite you to the *manifestation* of that little slip of paper, that I wrapped in Luke 1 vs 37...and dropped into Pastor Jim's basket...one glorious, divinely appointed sunday...a few years ago. 

As I sit here and write this...two days before Thanksgiving 2015...I am reminded...and impressed deep...deep within my  soul...to be thankFULL!!!

Thankful to Pastor Jim for listening to His Lord and leading me and the church family through that particular sermon series. Thankful to Ms Linlee Baugh for guiding me and encouraging me, and being my 2nd set of eyes, during the creation process of this Kingdom site. Thankful to Pastor Brant and Pastor Eric for sheperding me and hedging me in with prayer. Thankful to my husband  and inner circle (km, dz, ra, vp, mc β™‘) and my girls (ac, sc, lc) for keeping this quiet til now and praying for me. Thankful for my children and parents who love me unconditionally and always support me. But...Most of all,,, carolclare is so very thankful...to my Heavenly Father, for this desire He has entrusted to me, has provided for, and will continue to provide for, so that His royal, undeserving, little daughter, and all those in His family can....most assuredly know.....that ..." with God,...carolclare's  God...no-thing is ever impossible!!!! {Luke 1 vs 37} πŸ’›

Blessings to you and may you be fully persuaded in His Word to you.....β™‘