Hi there. The photo on this page is one i took from inside our livingroom, through the screen, so as not to scare off the birds i feed each day. You will come to know, that i love sheep and birds, so much so, that their pictures will be scattered about, in as many places as possible.

To start though, let me try and give you a little background into the history of this  journey~ my journey ~ which led me to create my site. At our home church, I am blessed and so grateful to teach an adult Sunday school class named...the Faith class, and to lead a high school girls small group on Wednesday nights.

 My husband and I recently finished up  a Tuesday night bible study in our home. I had the unction from The Lord to grow my son's already, then, budding faith and disciple him even more, knowing we only had, at that time, 2 years before he went away for college. So he invited friends from around school and church and tuesday nights at 730 {even during holiday breaks and also the summers} we all began this adventure.The night was called *secret church* which is named after an idea from the book, Radical, by Pastor David Platt. I highly recommend this book. The idea is not to start a church, but the premise is to start a desire to read more consistently out of the Bible and really chew it up and be fully persuaded in It. We did this and when our son went out of town for college, those that stayed behind-asked us to continue...so we did. Last year, after almost 5 years , we ended the *secret church* , because many of the , now young adults, were in last phases of college and quite busy.

 I would never exchange the Kingdom fruit i got out of those weekly group times, nor how I witnessed each of them growing in their OWN walk with the Lord.

Since I have been entrusted to care for all of these flocks, the Lord impressed upon  me, even before *secret church* ,  to engage each of these groups even more, through His Word, and not just by my weekly teaching times with them. And so I began,  several years ago, to daily text all of these varied groups.

Now, mind you, this was done for quite awhile, on a flip phone, yep...a flip phone. But I didn't care...I loved it. I now own a smartphone, which is great because I can text AND email. Many of those in my groups referred new people to me, asking me to include various new friends and family members and coworkers , in these morning texts. Some new people wanted these faith texts but they did not text...so I then learned to paste and email.

My desire, since becoming His child, and having placed in me a voracious appetite for His Word, was to daily *set up* for Kingdom success,...all these groups . O how I love His Word,  and His promises and declarations to me, His adopted daughter. I learned through His Word that His promises and declarations are there to be used as swords, practically speaking, in my everyday life.  So my passion then~ so to speak ~ became to equip my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, with His declararations and promises to them, as well. So each weekday morning...I text/email...straight out of our manual...The Bible...whatever the Lord lays on my 💛.

Well, the groups have grown, all due to His Glory!!  And several months ago, it became harder for me to finish or find a stopping point for each morning message. The Lord just kept pouring into me. I would even have to take a notebook to work and write down skeleton outlines at work, ~ that I then, would finish developing at night. Soon, I started a file box because it seemed a waste to just dispose of them. O, but  He is a faithful Father and  an orderly Father. So, what did He do next...you ask?


 He placed the idea in my heart a burning desire to start a blog, and even ask Him for more speaking opportunities to use these Faith messages. Actually, this goes back to almost 3 years ago and a sermon from our Interim Pastor. The sermon series was lifted out of Luke 1 vs 37...but that's for another day. So, here I am, with a brand new site,  given to me from the Lord,  in order to encourage and feed you and many others and always, always  glorify Him.

 Here ~ I endeavor for my Instagram posts, and the blog to contain messages wrapped in Scripture. I believe His Truth, should be The Final Authority, in a renewed~ minded, walk by Faith, Christian's life .

I know you have your time with Him each day. But I invite you to linger with Him here... on my site. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, grab your bible, pen, and journal, and then.....go find a quiet spot and get comfortable. This isn't just a quick little visit...O no! The Lord and I have gotten our site...my second home, all ready for your visit. Browse through the pages, look at pages and communities I highlight. Let my second home minister to your very soul, Be restored by His Word in a new, fresh, engaging way. May my site...His site... help you to not just *soldier* each day for His Kingdom...O no...may His Word, in my writings, help you...soldier *well* each and  every day... for His Kingdom.

Let your family and friends know about this site. In these times, His comfort and promises and declarations from His Word, are needed, more than ever. Thank you for visiting my second home. Please come back often... and blessings to you ~

Isaiah 26 vs 3..."You will guard him {say your name} AND keep him {say your name} in perfect and constant peace, whose mind is stayed {fixed, firmly planted} on You, because he {say your name} commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes in You..."